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Spring Training Game 27 Thread: Royals vs. Indians

Almost there!

MLB: Spring Training-Kansas City Royals at Los Angeles Dodgers Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the last game against the Cleveland Racists this spring training! Woohoo! Or should I say...wahoo!

Lots of things are changing regarding the Indians. Specifically, Chief Wahoo will be officially phased out of uniforms next year. While memorabilia will still be sold with the extraordinarily racist caricature in order to maintain the trademark, you won’t find that stupid grin or crooked nose peeking out to the cameras next year.

Oh yeah, and Cooperstown decided that the logo was too racist to include on their plaques going forward. Jim Thome’s new plaque will have the standard block ‘C’ logo.

All this is to say that we have one more year to mine the Cleveland Racists thing and, by golly, it’s gonna happen.

Yes, there is also a baseball game going on. We get to see more Moose. And it will be on Fox Sports Kansas City, too, so we can all watch some honest-to-goodness baseball, even if it doesn’t count.