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Spring Training Gamethread XXIX: Royals at Diamondbacks

The Duffy Bear gets one final tune-up start.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Kansas City Royals
This is the most recent picture of Danny pitching I have access to, and it’s from last year.
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals only have 2 games left in Surprise, Arizona. Today has one of them. By this time next week the Royals will be in the middle of the first homestand of the season against the White Sox. Their roster is still not set and may not be until Monday. This may feel odd to many of you who haven’t been watching the Royals for more than a few years but this, too, is part of how rebuilding works. Lots of open spots on the roster until opening day. And then lots of changes throughout the season while the team looks for players to step up and really take command of a spot.


If you were looking for this lineup to give you an idea of who might make the opening roster ... you’re probably disappointed. There’s basically no way Humberto Arteaga, Billy Burns, or Raul Mondesi start the year with the big league club so this isn’t going to tell you anything about Tyler Collins’ chances. The rest of the men in the lineup were always locks, anyway, barring trades. But it’s still baseball in sunny Arizona and outside baseball in sunny KC, there’s very little better than that.