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Royals Rumblings - News for March 27, 2018

Ned Yost and chill.

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Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for March 27, 2018

Alex Gordon doesn’t put much stock in his poor spring training.

“I wasn’t comfortable at the plate,” Gordon said. “This last week, I kinda got in the cage and just (did) extra work and stuff like that to make sure that coming into opening day, I was ready to go. And I feel ready to go now. That’s really all that matters.”...

“I wouldn’t put anything past him,” Moore said. “What’s so remarkable about him is last year we all understand the frustration he had offensively, but to go out and win another Gold Glove and be recognized as the very best (defensive) left fielder in the American League, based on what he went through offensively, just speaks to his mental toughness and his commitment and his desire to win. We expect Alex to rebound and do very well.”

Maria Torres looks at what we learned from spring training.

But the Duda signing allowed the Royals to take a more relaxed approach with Dozier, O’Hearn and Schwindel, each of whom made noticeable strides in the field and proved they’re not too far from being major-league ready.

In the last two weeks, O’Hearn and Schwindel also won manager Ned Yost over with their bats...

“Him and O’Hearn were another very nice, pleasant surprise, to see both of those kids developing to the point where they’re within reach of being on the big-league team,” Yost said.

Jeffrey Flanagan projects the Opening Day lineup with Mike Moustakas in the #2 hole.

Clay Buchholz, who has an opt-out on May 1, is looking for a new start with the Royals, writes Rustin Dodd.

“He’s a veteran guy with experience,” Royals manager Ned Yost said. “He’s had success at the big-league level. He sat out [with injury]. Is he a Madson? Is he a Blanton that sat out a year or a year plus and then came back and was pretty usable? We’ll see.”

Dodd also talks to Ned Yost about his Netflix binges.

He had binged hard on Breaking Bad in 2014, following the exploits of chemistry teacher-turned-meth dealer Walter White. He had plowed through Sons of Anarchy, the crime drama that once ran on FX. He needed another television show to devour, and he settled on The West Wing, cycling through the serial political drama famous for its cast and Aaron Sorkin dialogue.

Actually, he had already watched it once.

“All seven seasons of it,” said Yost, the Royals manager.

Michael Avallone at looks at some of the top Royals prospects.

The Royals traded minor league first baseman Robbie Rinn to the Twins for cash and cut some minor leaguers.

George Brett will make a cameo on tomorrow’s episode of Modern Family.

The Royals have a lot of promotions going on this weekend.

Which prospects will make the quickest impact?

Yankees first baseman Greg Bird is out 6-8 weeks with an ankle injury.

Tim Tebow will be headed to AA Binghamton.

Which cities are “baseball towns”?

Buck Showalter called into an MSNBC show.

Marlins Man won’t be going to Marlins games after the team rejects his offer.

What it’s like to run a MLB social media account.

Two baseball beat writers for competing publications open up about their marriage.

The White Sox welcome back an employee who was wrongfully imprisoned for 23 years.

NFL teams can be pretty awful to their cheerleaders.

Of course Andy Reid wore a Hawaiian shirt for the NFL coaches photo. Of course he did.

Blockchain technology may run afoul of European Union privacy laws.

Suspects have been arrested in a $1.2 billion bank heist using malware.

Is the internet killing comedy sites like The Onion?

Your song of the day is L7 with Pretend We’re Dead.