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Game XIV Thread - The Royals of Kansas City at the Blue Jays of Toronto

It’s [looks at sheet] Eri—Eric S—Eric Skoglund day. God help us all.

Kansas City Royals Photo Day Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The memories of a hard-fought ALCS between these two teams less than three years ago seem to be fading fast into the rearview mirror with each terrible performance from the Royals. The more it feels like 2002, the more that relevance seems like a dream.

The Royals will send Eric Skoglund back up to the hill in the hopes that he can momentarily convince the world that he’s not a number-eight starter. The Jays turn to Jaime García to show that any real major-league pitcher should be able to mostly shut down this mostly punchless Royals offense.

These will be the Royals:

The Blue Jays will align themselves thusly: