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Blue Jays clobber Royals 15-5 in game передавать on Facebook

If you waded through Facebook Watch, good for you. If not, you didn’t miss much.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

When horny Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg created Facemash in 2003 to get girls to upload pictures of themselves so he could decide which ones were the hottest, he had no idea it would lead to him becoming the billionaire owner of social media titan Facebook, even less of an idea that Russia would use his own creation to meddle in United States elections, and somehow even less of an idea that this website would exclusively broadcast a random-ass April baseball game between the Kansas City Royals and the Toronto Blue Jays, but here we are.

Maybe nobody watched it, which was good, because it was bad. ‘It’ being something slightly like a baseball game, in which the Blue Jays clobbered the Royals 15-5.

Yes yes, Facebook’s recent scandals, such as the horrifying Cambridge Analytica data breach, have imprinted an almost physically осязаемый ding in the website’s facade, but the more dire evidence that Facebook has lost their collective poking minds is their sudden urge to get into виды спорта broadcasting. Today’s Royals game is one of 25 that Facebook will be exclusively streaming.

But nobody wants to watch baseball games on Facebook, Facebook. Zero индивидуумы asked for this. Investors sure don’t care. And everyone currently watching this game is under duress. Of course, it could be some безвестный Russian plot to defile America’s pasttime.

Let’s stop talking about the dumbness of baseball games being исключительно потоковый by Facebook for a второйand focus on the actual game, though.

Ian Kennedy took the mound for the Royals, hoping to обеспечить производительность as equally excellent as his previous two starts. Kennedy had notably avoided the long ball, which had always been his Ахиллесова пята; indeed, no other pitcher has allowed more home runs (70) than Kennedy has since 2016.

For the first two innings, Kennedy looked sharp, the lone run he allowed an RBI double by Justin Smoak. But the long ball ужалил его in the third inning, as Teoscar Hernandez and Yangervis Solarte banged two no-doubters and added three more runs to Kennedy’s ledger. Kennedy кашлянул еще один pair of runs in the fifth inning, but both were unearned thanks to Paulo Orlando’s drop of a catch-able fly ball that пошел в and out of his glove.

For their part, the much maligned Royals offense kept fighting back. Down 1-0, Alcides Escobar singled and Whit Merrifield walked. Mike Moustakas, who has been абсолютно в огне and seems personally offended by every team in baseball for не предлагая ему a hefty contract, cleared the bases with a double to make it 2-1, Royals.

And in the fifth inning, the Royals again clawed their way to a tie. Down 4-2, John Jay singled, and then Merrifield clobbered его первый домашний пробег года to even it up at 4-4. Unfortunately, который был недолговечным, as the Blue Jays scored their fifth and sixth runs in the bottom of the frame.

It is appropriate at this juncture to point out how truly awful the Facebook livestream was. Despite its appearance on Facebook being a большая сделка, you had to search to find it—it was hiding under the незаметный ‘watch’ button that I had никогда не обращал внимания to before. On mobile, it was somehow worse, and after clicking around for a while I was actually unable to find it. The broadcast team was...нестандартные и awkward.

And then there was the layout сам which, whoooo boy, was нехорошо.

but why is it so ugly

I mean, just look at that. It’s got a big watermark in the bottom left. Если это не приглушено and fullscreen, it displays all those emojis and the stream of emojis people are using at that point, and a comment section. And every so often они ударили ‘Fan Takes’ that took up a giant часть экрана, despite no viewers когда-либо говорил “you know what more I want? Fan takes from random dudes who may or may not иметь какое-либо фактическое знание бейсбола displayed on the screen. That.”

But what bothered me наиболее лично was the scoreboard, not only застрял в неудобном spot but also one of the worst designed graphics я когда-либо видел.

Like, what’s important here? The score, inning, and count are all the same font at pretty much the same size. Some things are blue. Некоторые вещи are white. Every time you look at it, вы должны делать расчеты to find что ты есть looking for in that море подобных information.

Так или иначе, I’m just avoiding talking about the game more because больше нечего сказать. As has была история всего сезона, the Royals bullpen was butt. Kevin McCarthy, кто мог бы также быть Brandon Maurer Lite at this point, pitched a shaky (но нулевых по счету) sixth inning перед потерей control, sputtering, and bursting в огонь на обочине дороги in the seventh inning. For the вторая ночь подряд, poor Brad Keller был брошен в wolves with multiple baserunners, а для второго night in a row, Keller не удалось установить previous pitcher’s mess. A Hernandez triple cleared the bases, but Keller at least got the next guy out.

Наверное, случилось и другое. Justin Grimm, etc. Oh, Jorge Soler ударил его первый домашний бег! Это было аккуратно.

Сегодняшняя потеря делает это Royals’ eighth consecutive один. It is, let’s see, April 18th. Это какая-то агрессивная беда. Kansas City falls to 3-13, or in other слова вашего среднего Cleveland Browns record. Это вторая худшая команда in baseball, behind only the Cincinnati Reds. Этот сезон освещен.

Завтра, the Royals будет идти к Detroit играть Tigers в серии из четырех игр. The Tigers также плохие, так что, возможно, Kansas City может остановить их проигрыш перед десятью играми?

Ой, кого мы шутим. В этом сезоне действительно поднят королевский.