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These numbers show just how much this Royals bullpen stinks

This bullpen is a bad joke.

Kansas City Royals v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Royals have played like a joke so far this year, dropping 13 of their first 16 games, and one of the big culprits have been the atrociously poor relief pitching. The Royals bullpen is bad (crowd: “how bad is it?”). The Royals bullpen is so bad, it’s being directed by Tommy Wiseau. They allow more runs than a pair of L’Eggs! Why I’ve seen better arms on a La-Z-Boy. These relievers get no respect, I tell ya, and they don’t deserve it! You think that’s not funny? Wait til you read these stats:

  • Royals relievers are dead last in baseball in ERA at 7.94. They have the worst strikeout rate in baseball, the fourth-worst walk rate, the second-worst home run rate.
  • Opposing hitters are hitting .289/.376/.493. In other words, Royals relievers are turning every hitter into Carlos Correa.
  • The Royals’ bullpen has given up 51 total runs in 51 innings so far. Clayton Kershaw gave up 49 runs in 175 innings all of last year.
  • The Royals bullpen is the only one to have more runs allowed (51) than strikeouts (39).
  • Royals relievers have inherited 32 runners on base when they entered the game. Exactly half of them (16) have scored. The league average on inherited runners scoring is 35%.
  • The Royals have blown four leads they carried going into the seventh inning, preserving just two wins. That equals the blown leads going into the seventh inning they had in all of 2014, when they went 65-4 when taking a lead into the seventh.
  • Blaine Boyer has recorded 15 outs and allowed 18 runs. Wade Davis gave up 16 runs and recorded 417 outs over 2014-2015.
  • Only three pitchers in all of baseball - all of them starting pitchers - have given up more runs this year than Boyer.
  • Blaine Boyer has an ERA of 25.20 in a Royals uniform, the highest in franchise history for anyone that has pitched more than once. Justin Grimm is fourth all-time at 18.90.

Take my reliever, please. And don’t forget to tip your waitresses.