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Royals Rumblings - News for April 2, 2018

Play ball, already!

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Royals Rumblings - News for April 2, 2018

Ned Yost says balancing the lineup will be tricky.

A year ago, the lineup was pretty much set as seven players made 129 or more starts. But Yost is trying to make sure more players are getting more plate appearances.

“The trick is trying to balance at-bats for (Paulo) Orlando, (Cheslor) Cuthbert, Soler and even to a little bit lesser extent, but still for (infielder Ryan) Goins,” Yost said. “We have to try to find ways.

”In years past, we had pretty much eight locks on that field and the reserve guys didn’t get much of an opportunity to play early, and by then, they get stagnant. I’m trying to stay away from that.”

Despite a bullpen blow-up on Saturday, Yost will stick with his vets for now.

Yost said he will continue to experiment with his setup men, but he likely will start out with right-hander Justin Grimm and Maurer.

”I think you go with your veteran guys a little bit and just see who takes advantage of it and who doesn’t and just keep adjusting,” Yost said. “It’s not a one- or two-day audition.”

Rustin Dodd sees trouble for the bullpen.

To fix the bullpen will require a blend of creativity and internal improvement. The Royals knew this was going to be hard, knew this was going to be one of their biggest tests as a rebuild began. They have 160 games to make it work.

“We have a lot of good young arms that can come in behind us,” Kennedy said. “We saw Hilly, what he can do. I think he can get righties and lefties out, like you saw tonight. Maurer is going to throw well. I feel like it’s almost like they need to get in a rhythm.”

David Lesky is concerned about Danny Duffy.

Duffy struggled. And then he left a start with shoulder issues. I know Ned Yost said the velocity didn’t drop yesterday, and it was 93 at times, but he wasn’t throwing the gas he usually does. Maybe it was just really cold and that held him back. Maybe it was just that he was tentative because of the shoulder issue the other day. Whatever it was, he didn’t have enough, and he had command issues even when he was mowing down the White Sox. When he got to the fourth inning, he stopped missing outside the zone and started missing in the happy zone, and the White Sox absolutely pummeled him. I’m not a doctor, in spite of what you may have heard on Twitter, but I just have a hard time believing something isn’t wrong with Duffy.

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