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Royals Rumblings - News for April 25, 2018

If you ignore the losses, this season is going great.

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MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Kansas City Royals Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for April 25, 2018

Sam Mellinger thinks that despite the record, things are going great for the Royals.

The lie you might hear is that this Royals season is going poorly. It is not. This Royals season is going fine, in fact, better than most possibilities other than a playoff spot, which was never much of a possibility.

Because, look around. Mike Moustakas is having the start of his life. Kelvin Herrera has not surrendered a run, and his stuff is sharp as ever. Danny Duffy is walking too many, but his pitches look fine and his strikeouts are high. Ian Kennedy has been effective, or at least he was before taking a line drive off his foot in the third inning.

Each of those men could be most valuable to the Royals’ future as trade commodities.

Lorenzo Cain talked about his return to Kansas City.

X-rays were negative on Ian Kennedy’s foot after he was struck by the ball on a comebacker, and Maria Torres asks him if he can make his next start.

We’re gonna wear a boot just to make sure and take pressure off it. So the next couple 12 hours til I get back here and try to figure out what’s going on. We’ll see. I think that’s where we’re taking it. See how it feels. Nothing’s broken. That’s the good thing.

Alex Gordon reached a milestone last night.

Ned Yost talks about Justin Grimm’s back stiffness, which landed him on the disabled list.

“We kept asking him, ‘Are you all right?’ Because it definitely wasn’t him,” Yost said. “His inability to throw a striker with not only his fastball but his curveball, too, which is kind of his pitch.

“We knew something wasn’t right. He finally came clean that he was having trouble firing off his back side. He couldn’t get through the ball.”

Craig Brown at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City looks at how Mike Moustakas has been mashing the ball.

His .313 BABIP may point to a correction, but based on his average exit velocity and launch angle, it’s something he’s come by honestly. It’s not a fluke stat powered by a handful of bleeders and doinks. His HR/FB rate is right in line with his performance of the last couple of years (since his transformation as a hitter) and his batted ball profile looks consistent.

In fact, he’s underperforming his expected rates based on Statcast data. His xSLG (expected slugging percentage) of .710 is nearly 100 points higher than his real rate. Same for his xwOBA at .446 against his current .389 wOBA. He’s so locked in at the plate and scalding the baseball that his numbers could (and should) be better.

Royals Farm Report profiles prospect Bryan Brickhouse.

The winner of the Sonic Slam inning was a....Cardinals fan?

Lee Judge tries the cryotherapy at Kauffman Stadium.

Former Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie talks about his new role as the president of a Mormon mission.

Grant Brisbee looks at the unwritten rules of putting in a position player to pitch - when you’re up big.

A look at the most interesting delicacies at MLB’s Food Fest.

Where will the first female GM in baseball come from?

A year after being suspended for shouting a gay slur, Kevin Pillar reflects on how it has changed him.

Did Albert Pujols just give a clue that he is older than he says he is?

The importance of the clubhouse DJ.

The Chiefs’ third round draft pick could get free pizza for a year.

The latest entry in the “Hall of Discontinued Mascots” - the Florida International Sunblazer.

How cities can defend against vehicular attacks.

Google is bleeding cash trying to keep up with Amazon in the smart home industry.

The best superhero combos in Avengers: Infinity War, according to the people who made it.

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