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Royals lose 6-2 to Brewers


Milwaukee Brewers v Kansas City Royals
KANSAS CITY, MO - APRIL 25: Starting pitcher Jason Hammel #39 of the Kansas City Royals loses his hat after being hit by the ball off the bat of Lorenzo Cain #6 of the Milwaukee Brewers during the 3rd inning of the game at Kauffman Stadium on April 25, 2018 in Kansas City, Missouri.
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Though his reputation doesn’t quite match his production on the field, make no mistake: Mike Moustakas is one of the premier power hitters in the game. Since 2015, he has crushed 73 regular season long balls, and since 2016, Moose has hit a home run every 15.7 plate appearances; this puts him in the same rough area ash Aaron Judge ( 13.9 PA per dong) and better than Josh Donaldson (17.1 PA/HR) and Mike Trout (18.0).

So, of course, Moose hit a home run in the fourth inning. It was his seventh on the year, bumping his line to .308/.337/.615 and his wRC+ to a cool 153. Unfortunately, it was a solo shot, because of course it was. That’s sort of how this season is going.

As I’m typing this, Alcides Escobar just bobbled a routine grounder to allow the Milwaukee Brewers’ sixth and final run to score, and that’s also how this season is going. Fortunately, everybody knew it would be like this. Nobody thought the Kansas City Royals would be remotely competitive, and the ‘hot takes’ regarding predicting the Royals would get to third place in the division versus fourth or fifth.

If you watched last game, tonight’s contest was very similar to that one. The Brewers and Royals stared at each other for a few innings until the Royals’ starter blinked. Tonight, it was Jason Hammel, who allowed a quartet of runs to Milwaukee in the fourth inning. After that, the Royals clawed back a bit with the help of a solo home run. Tonight, it was Moustakas, as has been discussed earlier.

Then, the Brewers scored some more against the Kansas City bullpen. And then the Royals threatened, at times loudly, but nothing much happened. They threatened particularly loudly in the eighth inning, as they got two runners on with no outs, but no. No runs.

I mean, eh. Eric Stout made his debut! That was cool. He promptly gave up some runs after getting a strikeout, so. Brad Keller was ok.

Look: there are times in which the Royals lose games flamboyantly. Those are fun to write about. There are times the Royals lose thrillers. Those are fun, too. But games like this are The Royals lost. The Royals have lost a lot of games. They’ll continue to do so. Some of them will just be boring, like this one.