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Game XXVI Thread: White Sox at Royals


Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals - Game One
Salvador Perez signs an autograph before the first game.
Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

At this point it sure does seem like it’s getting more and more difficult to find positives. The Royals, you may have heard, lost the first game of today’s double header which guaranteed that they would lose yet another series, this season. They still haven’t won a series and with Eric Skoglund on the mound, tonight, the chances seem good that the White Sox will be going for the sweep tomorrow.

I feel like I’ve said this a dozen times but there are still bright spots on this team. Watching Jorge Soler break out - assuming this isn’t just a Soler Flare that will soon dissipate - and continuing to enjoy Mike Moustakas’ power stroke are among them. Hopefully one of the other bright spots will be watching Skoglund gradually improve as the season goes on. Remember, even the team’s de facto ace, Danny Duffy, wasn’t particularly amazing at the start. In 2011 he started 20 games with a 5.64 ERA. Eric has probably proved all he can at AAA, he might as well be in the big league rotation learning from big league hitters, pitchers, and coaches so that when the Royals are ready to compete again he can contribute either as a player or as a guy who got traded for more prospects that help the team progress.

As far as tonight’s game, the results aren’t going to matter. But if you want to have a little hope for a victory it might be visible in the opposing starting pitcher. The White Sox will send Dylan Covey out for his first big league start appearance of 2018. He pitched in 18 games, 12 starts, for the White Sox last year and earned a 7.71 ERA by walking very nearly as many as he struck out. He made 4 starts against the Royals last year and went 0-4 with a 6.04 ERA. He walked and struck out 10 each.


The Royals also recalled Scott Barlow from AAA Omaha and demoted Eric Stout. This move is almost certainly about getting a fresh arm on the roster. Barlow and Stout can probably both expect to spend a lot of time in some form of transportation between Omaha and Kansas City this season doing exactly this.