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Weather postponement off topic thread

Well, we can’t watch baseball. Let’s talk about something else.

Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Baseball season has started, but it sure hasn’t brought Spring with it. Both in Kansas City and Detroit, games have been postponed due to awful weather. This happens sometimes, especially in the Midwest, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

Today, in lieu of baseball, we shall discuss things that have little bearing on baseball. Behold: the return of the five-question off topic thread. Hold onto your butts.

  1. Sports video games are often overlooked among the media, but they sell well and are generally polished experiences. What is your favorite sports video game that you’ve ever played? Alternatively: if you have never played a sports game, why haven’t you done so?
  2. Most of us, myself included, have been drawn to being Royals fans by fate. Have you ever decided out of the blue to root for a sports team or league? How did that work out for you?
  3. Facebook’s once-mighty stranglehold on the social media market seems to be crumbling a bit. If you have a Facebook account, how and why did you decide to get one? Do you still enjoy using it?
  4. Let’s have it out: cats, dogs, both, or neither?
  5. What creation of yours are you most proud of? Can be a piece of art, writing, something physical (re-built deck, custom made table, etc.), or something less tangible entirely.


Post your absolute favorite non-sports GIF, if you have one, and whether you pronounce it with a g sound as in ‘Gary’ or a j sound as in ‘Jerry.’