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Royals win their second game, 1-0

The only way the Royals can win is if the other team doesn’t score any runs.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Kansas City Royals
Lucas Duda has a left-handed leanback swing
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The temperature at the start of today’s game was 33 degrees Fahrenheit. If you guessed that the temperature would impact the offense of this game, you were not wrong.

Ian Kennedy pitched a terrific six shutout innings against Cleveland. He struck out eight and allowed only four hits while walking none. It was an intense pitcher’s duel between him and Cleveland’s Trevor Bauer for the first six innings. Unfortunately for Bauer, Royals bargain free agent signing Lucas Duda led off the seventh inning and deposited Bauer’s first pitch into the right-field seats. #BauerOutage ended up pitching eight innings while allowing only three hits, two walks, and he struck out seven.

Duda is now on pace for 54 home runs and 189 RBIs both of which would be team records by a significant amount. Duda is still also the only Royal to hit a home run, so far, this season.

It looked like the Royals were in trouble when, with runners at second and third and two out, Drew Butera was called out on strikes in the fifth inning when he watched what appeared to be ball four pass several inches beyond the outer edge of the plate. Fortunately, Lucas Duda picked up home-plate umpire Will Little with the dinger two innings later.

The Royals’ starting rotation has been very good, so far. Unfortunately, after the Royals scored 7 runs in the first game of the year they’ve scored a total of 8 in the other 5 they’ve managed to get played. Cleveland pitching and the cold weather will look to continue to shut down Kansas City’s offense, tomorrow. Mike Clevenger will defend the home turf against Jason Hammel in temperatures that promise to be around the freezing point or perhaps even colder.