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Game VIII Thread: The Mariners of Seattle versus the Royals of Kansas City

The Battle for Grass Creek rages on

Appomattox Marks 150th Anniversary Of Surrender Of Lee's Army In Civil War Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

That these two sides cannot meet without the scourge of WAR sweeping across the field is a shame, but it is the reality in which we live. Ground gained in the storied Battle of Grass Creek is fleeting. The battle rages on, the brutality of WAR caring little for whose lives it claims, whose promise it extinguishes.

Grass Creek is a hallowed but haunted ground, both clubs clinging to the territory with clenched, bloodied fists. The ignominy done to each side by the other seems to know no bounds, forcing brothers to betray brothers in a ceaseless back and forth.

Today, Marco Gonzales will toe the slab for the Mariners while the Royals turn to Jakob Junis, looking every bit the part of Civil War veteran, bearded in his blues.

The clubs will align themselves thusly:

And with more verve, the Royals present just their lineup, as the Mariners need not be named for fear of granting them their humanity, apparently.

This will be a WAR!