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Game XLI Thread - The Devil Rays of St. Petersburg versus the Royals of Kansas City

The Red Army comes to Kauffman

Zapad Joint Military Exercises Between Russia And Belarus Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Putin’s lackeys enter action tonight with much to prove and more on the line. At six games under .500 and 11 games back in the American League East standings, the ruthless Russian President is growing increasingly impatient that his troops are sullying Mother Russia’s reputation. Adding fuel to the fire is Robert Mueller’s investigation, which continues to grow in its breadth and could uncover improprieties in the St. Petersburg Devil Rays’ business practices or worse any day now.

With pressure mounting on all fronts, the tensions are sure to be running high. The Devil Rays will turn to southpaw Ryan Yarbrough to try to silence the Royals in the middle of the Heartland. Eric Skoglund with toe the slab for the Royals.

The communist nine will align themselves thusly:

The Royals will look like this:

This game will be a WAR!