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Game 30 Thread: Royals vs. Red Sox Matinee

Wait...didn’t the Royals just play a few hours ago?

Kansas City Royals v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

This is not good timing for an afternoon game.

Only about 12 hours or so ago, the Kansas City Royals pulled off a thrilling 13-inning romp of a victory here against the Boston Red Sox. Alex Gordon and Jorge Soler hit clutch homers. Craig Kimbrel and Kelvin Herrera both blew their save opportunities. And the 7-21 Royals prevailed over the 21-7 Red Sox.

Baseball, man. It happens.

So today the Royals and Red Sox will hopefully not fall over from exhaustion. We may see some mental lapses, which is totally normal. But after today’s game, the Royals can sleep in their own beds back in Kansas City.

Danny Duffy will try to claw his ERA back under 5 today, his starting pitching opponent Drew Pomeranz, who has been equally underwhelming this year.

It would certainly be something if Soler turned into something super special. It would be a welcome boon to a Royals team that hasn’t had much going for it this year.