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Fanpost Friday: how did you become a Royals fan?

We all become fans somehow.

Kansas City Royals Parade Celebration
KANSAS CITY, MO -NOVEMBER 3: Fans cheer for members of the Kansas City Royals during a parade to celebrate the Royals’ World Series victory on November 3, 2015 in Kansas City, Missouri.
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Welcome to the inaugural Fanpost Friday, where Royals Review features Fanposts written by you, the readers and commenters. Each week, we will pose a new question, a writing prompt if you will, and we’ll feature the best posts here the following week. And of course, like we always do with excellent Fanposts, we’ll look to pin the good ones on our front page.

If you are unaware, a Fanpost is basically a blog that you can write that goes up on Royals Review under the ‘Fanpost’ tab right next to our logo. We can also pin them to the main page, where they are found right next to posts by writers like Overlord Max Rieper, Scoutman Shaun Newkirk, and myself. To write a Fanpost, navigate to the ‘Fanpost’ tab and click ‘New Fanpost’ on the left side of the page.

These posts can be about anything, but this week’s prompt—should you choose to accept it—is this:

How did you become a Royals fan?

And before I let you go, just a general note: I’m not doing this so that we can get more content. We have plenty of content. We do not need any Fanposts to hit some quota that lets us get our monthly bonus of pop tarts. Before the design change of the website in 2012, Fanposts and were an important part of the community. Since then, Fanposts have waned in popularity, which is unfortunate. The community is what makes Royals Review great, and the community has opinions and thoughts that matter just as much as the writers and editors of Royals Review.

Happy writing!