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Royals Rumblings - News for May 9, 2018

Who will own this team in the future?

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Milwaukee Brewers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for May 9, 2018

Rustin Dodd writes about Cheslor Cuthbert growing up on Corn Island, and how he had to learn Spanish to communicate with teammates.

The local culture diverges from sections of the mainland in specific ways. Corn Island was a British protectorate for nearly three centuries during the colonial period. It has retained a creole influence. The locals speak a version of creole English, a language also spoken on parts of the country’s east coast. When Cuthbert was a child, he rarely heard Spanish on the island. His first language was an English-based creole, similar to Jamaican Patois..

One recommended a move to Managua, where Cuthbert would receive more exposure and better education. Luis remembers considering the idea for a moment.

“Well, no,” he said. “Cheslor cannot speak Spanish. We don’t have family in Managua. So, I don’t care to make him go.”

What has gotten into Alex Gordon?

In his Mellinger Minutes, Sam Mellinger talks about who might take over for David Glass one day.

I haven’t heard the succession plan, but my understanding is that Dan Glass would be fully in charge. There are a lot of factors here, because if Dayton Moore is still around he’ll have more juice inside the organization than a new GM....

I’ll also say this: as much criticism as Glass has taken and at times deserved, if you’re in Kansas City you’d rather he own the team than put it up for sale to someone who may be less tied to the area.

We have a few billionaires in town, but aside from speculation tied to Cerner co-founder and Sporting Kansas City co-owner Cliff Illig, precious little indication that any would be motivated to spend $1 billion or so to buy a baseball team.

Baseball America has a mock draft for the first round, with the Royals taking prep high school outfielder Jordyn Adams at #18.

Adams is going to rightfully command a big bonus as a two-way commit with prospects on the football field as well as the diamond, and recently evaluators have even compared the North Carolina outfielder to Byron Buxton. Buxton’s 2012 scouting report sounds eerily similar to Adams, although at this point Adams has less track record than Buxton had.

Tavis Whiting at Royals Blue looks at how the Royals came to be in their inaugural year.

The Mets trade Matt Harvey to the Reds.

Mariners pitcher James Paxton tosses a no-hitter.

Blue Jays closer Roberto Osuna is arrested for the assaulting a woman.

Joey Gallo is one of the most unusual hitters in baseball.

Buster Olney wonders if big swings and big whiffs are hurting baseball.

Edward Burns is making a documentary about the 1969 Miracle Mets.

MLB announces the Red Sox and Yankees will play a series in London next year.

A look back at 1998 - the year that saved and stained baseball.

Andre Dawson now runs a funeral home.

A comprehensive study of how college football coaches dress.

The Syracuse football team let a nine-year old with lymphoma hang out with them at practice, but it turns out his illness was a hoax concocted by his parents.

People have tried and failed to stop the flow of lava.

Jay-Z will have to testify in an SEC probe.

Bill and Ted may be headed for another excellent adventure.

Your song of the day is Björk with Army of Me.