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Kingdom Heartsenings - News for June 13, 2018

It finally has a release date!

Sony Showcases New Products At Annual E3 Gaming Conference
Kingdom Hearts III is just over the horizon!
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It’s E3 2018 week and that means TONS of news about the new Kingdom Hearts!

First of all, they finally announced the release date. Everyone assumed it would come up during Square Enix’s first E3 presentation in several years but instead it was revealed ahead of a Kingdom Hearts concert in LA Saturday evening. January 29, 2019 is both a longer wait than we were promised and further away than any of us want but it will surely be worth it!

Then a new trailer was debuted at the XBOX Show Sunday afternoon.

A slightly different version was shown at Square Enix’s event Monday morning.

And the last one, so far, was shown at the PlayStation presser Monday evening.

They also opened pre-orders for the game and announced a special edition PS4 Pro Console Bundle that will be released at another date.

There may be more trailers throughout the convention so keep your eyes peeled!

Of course, Kingdom Hearts 3 wasn’t the only game to show up, so far, at E3!

Beyond Good and Evil 2 got another trailer with a familiar face.

Ubisoft also announced the next Assassin’s Creed game. This time they’re going to Greece (again)!

Nintendo announced a new version of Super Smash Bros for the Switch, Super Smash Bros Ultimate. In this game they promised to include every Smash Bros character that has ever been seen before plus some new ones. Maybe they’ll even add Kingdom Hearts hero, Sora!

Nintendo really knocked it out of the park this year when they also announced a new Mario Party game as well as announcing that StarFox would make an appearance in their new toy-based game, Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

From Software also announced their new game and to everyone’s surprise it is neither Dark Souls nor Bloodborne sequel. It’s a brand new Samurai IP called Sekiro: Shadow’s Die Twice.

For those of you less interested in video games perhaps I can interest you in the faux-action movie trailer that our president used to help diplomatic relations with North Korea.

If you want to talk sports, instead (ugh), Sam Mellinger did his weekly Minutes column. There’s probably some sports in there.

Yahoo Sports told us what we already knew: that Royals fans only know how to talk about Eric Hosmer.

The first batch of American League All-Star Voting results are in and it looks like someone patched out the Royals’ hacking algorithm.

Maria Torres did a terrific dive into Seuly Matias’ life before becoming a monster home run minor league super star and Pete Grathoff details Danny Duffy’s man-cave at his California home.

Your Song of the Day, and song of every day until January 29, 2019, is Japanese pop idol Utada Hikaru with Don’t Think Twice