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Fanpost Friday: construct your all-time Royals lineup

Who do you think is best?

Minnesota Twins vs Kansas City Royals - July 9, 2005 Photo by G. N. Lowrance/Getty Images

The Kansas City Royals, just like every other team in baseball, have had a lot of different players wear their colors. And like every other team, there are arguments about who’s the best at each position.

Well, Royals fans, Kansas City is bad now, so let’s take a look back at some good times. Your prompt this week: construct your all-time Kansas City Royals lineup. For these purposes, that includes all eight position players, a designated hitter, a starting pitcher, and a closer.

Lots of options here. Do you go with Eric Hosmer at first, or Mike Sweeney? Old-school Joakim Soria as closer or Wade Davis? Lorenzo Cain or Carlos Beltran in center field? Hall of Famer George Brett or Alberto Callaspo? Ok, maybe not that one, but you get the point.

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Happy writing!