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Everything goes exactly how you expected; Royals lose 10-2

You didn’t miss much

Houston Astros v Kansas City Royals
There was plenty for Houston to be happy about.
Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

Missing bats. Mediocre pitching. Shoddy defense.

If you watched the mid-2000s Royals all of those things should be familiar to you. And if you’re watching the 2018 Royals they’re rapidly becoming familiar again.

There were few positive moments from today’s game. That was probably the best. Alex Gordon may not be the hitter he once was but by golly he’s not going to let you get any more hits to left-field than he absolutely has to.

Danny Duffy looked terrible, again. As much as people were upset about the way the lineup looked with Jon Jay it looks way worse without Jorge Soler. Whit Merrifield had a pretty good day, though. He went two-for-three with an RBI double and a stolen base to further cement his place as the Royals’ best player by a large margin. He also reached via hit-by-pitch.

Baseball players will take the field, again, in Kansas City, tomorrow. I can’t promise a game will be played. Games are suppose to be fun, after all. Brad Keller will face off against Lance McCullers Jr.