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Reactions to the Kelvin Herrera trade

The haul seems light to some.

Cincinnati Reds v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The rebuild is in full swing, as the Royals shipped reliever Kelvin Herrera to the Nationals for three minor leaguers. In return, the Royals receive outfielder Blake Perkins, a speedy, switch-hitting 21-year old outfielder hitting .234/.344/.290 in High A Potomac, third baseman Kelvin Gutierrez, a 23-year old third baseman hitting .274/.321/.391 in AA Harrisburg, and 17-year old right-handed pitcher Yohanse Morel, who has pitched three innings in the Dominican Summer League this year.

Here are the scouting reports on the prospects the Royals landed from Baseball America.

Perkins is a premium center fielder with plus speed, mature instincts, excellent routes and an above-average arm. He uses his speed well to be a threat on the basepaths. At the plate Perkins a switch-hitter better from the right side (.265, .690 OPS) than the left (.223, 613 OPS), with neither side showing enough for evaluators to project a big league regular....

Gutierrez draws strong reviews for his plus defense and plus arm at third base, but evaluators are skeptical he has enough power to profile as a major league third baseman.....

Morel is an intriguing, deep sleeper pickup for the Royals....Morel threw 88-91 mph when he signed but since then his fastball has jumped to 95 mph. With his fast arm speed and room to fill out his 6-foot-1, 180-pound frame, Morel has a chance to throw even harder in the future.

MLB Pipeline ranks Gutierrez 8th and Perkins 15th in the Royals’ system.

The “baseball men” weren’t high on the deal from the Royals’ perspective.

On the other hand:

Jeff Sullivan at Fangraphs questions the timing.

I don’t necessarily think that means the Nationals ripped the Royals off. This isn’t laughable or anything. But I’d characterize the return as leaning light. Given the time of year, and given the extra usage of Herrera the Nationals are going to get, I would’ve expected the return to lean heavy. An expression of faith in the scouts, indeed. The Royals are happy enough they didn’t want to wait to see if they could get anything more.

Clint Scoles at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City reviews the players received and is underwhelmed.

Overall, this deal doesn’t look great, as the players in the return besides Morel look less than what the Royals already have in the system. This very well could be a reaction to Kelvin Herrera’s last appearance in which Sal Perez thought there was something going on while he threw. Perhaps the Royals thought they better get some kind of return before an injury occurred and left them without, similar to what happened with Greg Holland and Joakim Soria. While that opinion is understandable, I think this return is light and would have rather the Royals looked to add Seth Romero and the baggage that he may have brought with him instead of a few limited upside players.

Dayton explains the trade.

Fans seemed skeptical.

Kelvin says good bye, keeping it classy as always.


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