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Weekend Rumblings - News for June 23, 2018

Will we laugh about this season someday?

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MLB: Houston Astros at Kansas City Royals Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Weekend Rumblings - News for June 23, 2018

Sam Mellinger details the ineptitude of the Royals and whether we can laugh at this in a few years.

No group of hitters has been so thoroughly outranked by its peers since the 2011 Mariners.

No group of pitchers has been so thoroughly outclassed since, well, since the 1970 White Sox and that’s not a typo. Tommy John led that team in innings, five years before his surgery.

The Royals, as a reminder, are doing both. They did not do that in 2006, when Mark Redman made the All-Star team. The did not do it in 2005, when Jose Lima had a 6.99 ERA but was given 32 starts anyway. They did not do it in 2004, when Eduardo Villacis started a game at Yankee Stadium.

Thirty-two American League teams have lost 100 or more games since 1970, and none have been so thoroughly inept with both pitching and hitting.

Rustin Dodd did a Q&A with fans and talks about the timeline for the rebuild.

There’s definitely a ton of variance in how this rebuild could go. And what do I know? I just watch the games, talk to people in the organization and write about it all.

But yes, if I was projecting a timeline, I would say the Royals are set up to have a really young and interesting team in 2020 or 2021. But to truly contend? That might be more like 2022 or 2023.

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City weighs in on the Kelvin Herrera trade.

On the Kelvin Herrera deal, I remain underwhelmed at the return, but I’m also not immediately dismissing it as a bad deal for the Royals. The rental market is typically not exactly on fire and the return the Royals got for Herrera was likely better than what the Tigers received for J.D. Martinez, who was the best hitter on the market last year. I also think there was significant injury fear, no matter what anyone tells you, and I think it came from both sides making the trade. Herrera’s last outing with the Royals featured a home run allowed, two walks and a dreaded visit from the trainer. Then he randomly warmed up on Sunday, but I’m not sure he was ever going to get in. Maybe it was a bit of a ploy to show health. Even so, I’m disappointed because I expected more than prospects with more uncertainty than even other prospects.

Pete Grathoff covers the fan reactions to Alcides Escobar starting in centerfield.

Royals prospect Nicky Lopez hit for the cycle on Thursday.

Lopez is one of 11 Naturals named Texas League All-Stars.

Time for some promotions in the minors.

Royals first-round pick Brady Singer gives up four runs in five innings as the Gators are eliminated from the College World Series.

MLB Pipeline updates their top 100 prospect list, but still no Royals.

Former Royals pitcher Matt Strahm is excelling as an “opener.”

The Phillies are interested in Adrian Beltre.

Let’s pump the brakes on a universal DH rule.

MLB bans transactions with the Mexican League, citing corruption.

J.D. Martinez rips the slow off-season market.

50 baseball-themed video games Grant Brisbee wants to see.

Giants closer Hunter Strickland will consider some anger management.

Hanley Ramirez is under federal investigation for a connection with a drug ring.

Blue Jays closer Roberto Osuna is suspended 75 games for allegedly assaulting a woman.

Which sports mascots do you not trust at all?

The first-round picks of the NHL draft.

Why the NFL is suspending quarterback Jameis Winston for three games.

The tabletop tablet at your restaurant may be jeopardizing the server’s job.

Apple is producing a lot of original content for streaming, but where will we be able to watch it?

How to travel responsibly in an age of overtourism.

Your song of the day is Coleman Hawkins with Body and Soul.