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Royals Rumblings - News for June 28, 2018

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Kansas City Royals v Milwaukee Brewers
Moose dong a-plenty
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Salvador Pérez looks to be OK after leaving yesterday’s game following a foul tip off his left forearm.

Former RR overlord Craig Brown details how offensive the Royals’ offense is:

The old team record of scoring four runs or fewer in consecutive games was 14. The Royals blew past that last week. This is absolute insanity. You figure at some point you’ll have a game where someone runs into a three-run home run and you maybe tack on a sac fly or scoring on an error or something. Not this team. Not these Royals.

I guess in order to hit a three-run home run you have to be adept at actually putting runners on base. You need at least two to hit a three-run home run. (Math, everyone!) Ahhhh, that’s the rub. The Royals are having a hard time getting anyone on base. For the month of June, the Royals team OBP is .254. Or as I like to look at it, they are making an out three-quarters of the time.

Jeffrey Flanagan lets us know that Mike Moustakas is trying not to think about being traded:

At the top of the list of players who could be dealt is third baseman Mike Moustakas, who signed a one-year deal during Spring Training. Moustakas has been around long enough to understand the big picture.

”Watching [Lorenzo Cain] and [Eric Hosmer] go, and the guys we won a World Series with go, is tough,” Moustakas said Wednesday. “But at the end of the day, this is a business. We get that. I get that. And the Royals have to do what’s best for the Royals. We all understand that.”

At the Athletic, Rustin Dodd chats with Ned Yost about the number 42 and mistakes he made in Milwaukee:

In this moment, however, Yost is talking about his one mistake, the one thing he would change from 15 seasons as a manager. When he accepted his first job with the Brewers in 2003, he relocated his family from the suburbs of Atlanta to the outskirts of Milwaukee, 815 miles away. His oldest son, Ned, had already left the house, but his three youngest children — sons Josh and Andrew, daughter Jenny — ranged in age from sixth grade to high school. They followed their parents to Wisconsin.

Yost loved the city, he says, the charm, the people and the Brewers fan base. But there is something about moving three kids at that formative age. They missed their friends. They struggled with the cold weather and culture shock. If it’s true parents are only as happy as their unhappiest child, Yost could sense that something had to give. So after two seasons in Milwaukee, his family headed back to Atlanta to live year-round; he stayed behind and lived in a downtown condo during the season.

Also at the Athletic, Jim Bowden suggests that the Royals should deal some guys cross-state, including the guy who is so obviously a classic Cardinal.

Kings of Kauffman’s Tyler Dierking highlights the emergence of Donnie Dewees. He also looks at the dilemma presented by Whit Merrifield.

At Royals Farm Report, Drew Osborne writes up the promotions of Khalil Lee to AA - Northwest Arkansas, and Alex Duvall covers the Nicky Lopez to AAA - Omaha promotion.

At FanGraphs:

It appears as though the SunTrust Park freezer man has been identified as a beer inventor trapped in said freezer while installing his equipment.

Vikings loved their board games, too.

Season Five of BoJack Horseman finally has a release date.

Looks like Nic Cage has another winner on his hands.

The Ringer’s Allison Herman looks at the pains of launching a prestige network.

The songs of the day are “Disco//Very” and “Keep It Healthy” by Warpaint.