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Royals vs. Mariners Saturday game open thread

The Battle of Grass Creek rages on

Dearest mother,

This war seemingly has no end. The battle for this pitiful stretch of Wyoming land has raged on endlessly. It seemed as it progress was being made with triumphant victories in 2014 and 2015. But since then the generals have led us astray in a vain attempt to reclaim past glories.

Even I have found my musket not quite as effective a weapon as it once was. I still pride myself on defending the fort with all my might, but I fear our offensive attacks are fruitless. Our ranks are aged, tired, listless, weary. An infusion of youth is needed. O wretched Father Time, how I curse your name.

Our numbers ravaged, here is what is left of our depleted ranks.

These Mariners have lain low for years, but now they fight with the strength of a thousand. I only hope we can hold them off enough before the cavalry is summoned. Tis hard to see now, but hope remains that I can one day return to the corn fields of Nebraska to see your smiling face.

Everlastingly yours,


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