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Royals first-round pick Brady Singer is uh....intense


The Royals selected University of Florida pitcher Brady Singer with the 18th overall pick in Monday’s draft, and while he flashes a solid mid-90s fastball and a sharp slider, there may be other tools he possesses that drew the Royals’ interest. Dayton Moore has long been interested in intangibles, a players’ character, and it is that focus on clubhouse chemistry that many attribute to the team’s ability to comeback during their championship runs.

Well Brady Singer may be getting an 80-grade on the “red-ass” tool. Singer is an intense competitor, whose Florida Gators are currently battling in the NCAA Tournamenet. Last year, Florida was engaged in a tight battle with Wake Forest in the Super Regionals for the right to go to the College World Series in Omaha. The first two games of the three game series were delayed by rain, and in the third inning of Game Three, with Singer on the mound, again play was halted by precipitation.

This made Singer FURIOUS.

I’m no lip-reader, but I believe Singer is saying “FUN! Baseball is FUN!” He probably wants to resume the game as quickly as possible since it is such a fun sport.

Anyway, I’m not sure if cussin’ is allowed in the Royals clubhouse (I’m pretty sure Mike Moustakas dropped an f-bomb or two when the Royals were down in the 2015 ALDS to the Astros), but Singer’s intensity is probably much welcomed in the Royals organization. The dude just wants to fling the ball around, and Lord willin’, the Royals will let him.