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Royals Rumblings - News for July 18, 2018

Is Moose on the move?

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Kansas City Royals Peter G. Aiken

Royals Rumblings - News for July 18, 2018

Salvy drew praise from his fellow All-Stars.

“He’s the best catcher that Venezuela has ever produced,” said the Cubs’ Willson Contreras, who made his first All-Star game roster as the backstop for a pitching staff that owns the National League’s fourth-best ERA (3.56).

In his Mellinger Minutes, Sam opines that the current collective bargaining agreement is bad for the Royals.

It’s bad for the Royals because it incentivizes losing, which means more “competition” for the high draft spots that come with last-place finishes. It’s bad because it limits the Royals’ ability to rebuild the way they did it the first time, a proven method that included record expenditures in the draft and internationally.

It’s bad for the Royals because it limits the ways they can build from within, and while there is more revenue sharing than ever before, the financial gap is still so large that they are essentially playing a different game than most of their competition.

This will be true even with the new TV contract, by the way.

Here is your Mike Moustakas trade rumor of the day.

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City considers a contract extension for Jorge Bonifacio.

Usually when I think about extensions, I try to think of the best case scenario for what he’d earn through his arbitration years. He’s not eligible for arbitration until following the 2019 season, so let’s give him a $600k contract for next year and think about what he might earn. If everything goes absolutely perfect for him, I’d say we’re looking at maybe $24 million or so in his three arbitration years (thinking $4 million, $8 million and $12 million). Let’s round that to $25 million. And if that all works out, he’s probably in line for a four or five-year free agent deal worth about $15-$18 million per year. So if you’re looking at a six-year deal, I think about the absolute max he’d make is six years and $60 million. But you’re not paying him to lock him up at the rate he’d get if everything goes perfectly.

Alex Duvall at Royals Farm Report looks for comps for prospect Khalil Lee.

On KCUR, a commentary laments that this summer has Royals fans singing the blues.

Pete Grathoff looks at the top moments in the career of Salvador Perez.

The American League wins the All-Star game with a record amount of homers hit in the game.

Some offensive old tweets from All-Star Josh Hader surface.

The Dodgers are reportedly on the verge of acquiring Manny Machado.

Joey Gallo thinks he would be really good if it weren’t for defensive shifts.

J.D. Martinez is would like to restructure his deal with the Red Sox.

Is this the best Red Sox team in Boston history?

Union chief Tony Clark says the idea of a DH in both leagues is gaining support among players.

Is the golden age of pitching bad for baseball?

Could realignment help the All-Star Game?

A real scientist points out how wrong Jose Canseco is about science.

NFL ownership succession plans can lead to family drama.

Does performance in the NBA Summer League predict regular season success?

What happens when a DNA test shatters your identity?

Why is hospital food so bad?

Every Rob Reiner movie, ranked.

Your song of the day is Miike Snow with Genghis Khan.