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Game 101 Thread: Tigers vs. Royals Finale

With Duffman on the hill, Royals hope for another series win

101 Dalmatians? More like 101 losses, amirite?

The Kansas City Royals will face the Detroit Tigers this afternoon in their 101st game of the season. They’re on a bit of a mini streak. If not for a cataclysmic bullpen, the Royals would be looking for their sixth consecutive victory. As such, they’re going to have to settle for their second series win in a row and look to win their sixth in their last eight games.

For bad teams, these sorts of mini runs are the cool breaths of wind on a scorching day. They don’t amount to anything meaningful at the end of the day, but they help remind fans what good teams feel like and give fans a week or two of baseball joy. Hopefully the Royals can keep this going.

The Kansas City Royals will send Danny Duffy, the Duffman, to the mound. Duffy has been quite excellent after a rough patch, and if not for that rocky beginning to the year he would be major trade bait right now. As it stands, though, Duffy will likely remain a Royal through the end of the year.

The Detroit Tigers will counter with Matt Boyd and an otherwise depressing team.

I remember a day not that long ago when teams didn’t tweet out their lineups before the game. Reporters did, but teams not so much. I guess life, uh, finds a way. Go Royals.