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Weekend Rumblings - News for July 28, 2018

Could the Royals be getting a new TV deal soon?

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MLB: Oakland Athletics at Kansas City Royals Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Weekend Rumblings - News for July 28, 2018

Sam Mellinger reports that the Royals have begun negotiations on a new TV deal.

The Royals currently receive around $25 million per year from Fox Sports Kansas City.

According to comparable recent deals and experts in the field, they should receive more than twice that in the next deal — if they do it right.

With the help of one of the industry’s most respected consultants, the Royals have exchanged numbers on what is believed will be a 10- to 15-year contract. They are approaching a fall deadline that could mean the difference between re-upping with Fox Sports or taking the negotiation to market.

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City considers the role of luck in the Royals’ success a few years ago.

Luck or not, they won, so even though I’m a process over results guy, sometimes the results are all that matters, which is the case here. The 2014/2015 Royals taught me two things that I think are very important as I continue to watch and cover baseball, and these are two things I will never forget....the second and probably more important thing is that there is more than one way to win in baseball. I didn’t agree with probably the majority of what the Royals did to prepare for their postseason runs, but they still happened and there still was that parade in November of 2015. And I think that’s something that’s easily forgotten. Your way might be a great way to do things. Maybe it’s even a better way. But it’s certainly not the only way.

Patrick Brennan at Royals Farm Report compares what the White Sox got for dealing Joakim Soria to what the Royals received.

Across the board, the Royals seem to sending out more during their trade in January than the recent White Sox deal. An additional player, 5.5 years (!!!) more of control, double the WAR. The problem was, the Royals went the wrong way about this deal, treating it as a quick effort to gather money via salary dump in Soria’s salary, effectively putting in a major dent in the return they received....

The return should have easily succeeded what the White Sox just got for Soria. And somehow, with one less player, half the WAR, and 5.5 less years of control, the White Sox got more.

Nicky Lopez is profiles in Carson Cistulli’s fringe prospect list this week.

There’s a path for Lopez to the majors that doesn’t require much offensive production at all. Because of his defensive acumen, the burden to hit isn’t that great.

The Diamondbacks acquire infielder Eduardo Escobar.

The Phillies acquire infielder Asdrubal Cabrera.

The Cubs get Cole Hamels from the Rangers.

The Cardinals release reliever Greg Holland.

Aaron Judge is out three weeks after being hit by a pitch against the Royals.

The five types of untradeable baseball contracts.

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Why the Nationals shouldn’t be sellers.

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