The Royals are currently in the worst 84-game stretch in franchise history

Yikes. That's not a very fun opening factoid, is it? The Kansas City Royals, who spent years living below rock-bottom in the world of baseball, had never in the history of the franchise gone 84 consecutive games with a run differential worse than -159, until the 2018 squad opened up -164.

The current Royals have performed worse over these 84 games than ANY Royals team has ever performed over ANY 84-game stretch in franchise history.

The proof:

The Royals have scored 15 fewer runs than any team in baseball this year, which is bad when combined with the fact that they have also given up 15 more runs than any team in baseball. They are the worst scoring team, and the worst run-prevention team, in the sport.

Many of our Royals fandoms were forged in the fires of losing baseball, but I will admit that they have surprised me with their total ineptitude to resemble anything close to a competitive baseball team this year.

And that's before they sell off more pieces... look out '62 Mets, the 2018 Royals are comin' for ya.

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