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Independence Day Rumblings - News for July 4, 2018

Happy Birthday, America!

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83rd MLB All-Star Game Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Independence Day Rumblings - News for July 4, 2018

In his Mellinger Minutes, Sam considers what the Royals could get for Mike Moustakas or Whit Merrifield.

I’d expect more for Merrifield than Moustakas. They’re the same age, and generally speaking roughly as productive, but Merrifield is more versatile, a better fit for the modern game, and under (cheap) club control through 2023...

With Merrifield, I’d expect a return similar to Kelvin Herrera — two projectable prospects with limited ceiling, and a lottery ticket.

With Moustakas, I’d expect a return slightly better than Jon Jay — organizational depth and a lottery ticket.

But, really. These things are all about need and finding the right team with the right motivation.

Newly signed first-round pick Brady Singer is excited to be in Kansas City.

Craig Brown at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City thinks the Royals could give the 1962 Mets a run for their money.

The ’62 Mets, the poster children for expansion futility, finished with a -331 run differential. The ’03 Tigers had a -337 run differential. The Royals, after their lopsided loss to Francisco Lindor the Cleveland Indians on Monday, now own a -164 run differential. Again, we can simply double that (not entirely accurate, but who’s counting?) and… Yikes!

The Royals are on pace for a -328 run differential.

Salvy talks about growing up and his path to baseball.

“(Perez’s) room had a dirt floor,” Estévez said. “He didn’t live in the best neighborhood. But, he didn’t let it get him down. He was proud of his place, of his dirt, of his home. That’s part of what makes him a great catcher. He takes pride in being the man behind the plate. That is his dirt.”...

“On that day, I knew God put me in the right place. I knew I had to sign him. I couldn’t leave his home without making him a Royal,” Estévez said. “So, I did… But, I had to give him an extra $5,000. Rene wasn’t too happy at the time, but I think it worked out OK.”

The Phillies sign Ryan Goins.

Are they in on Mike Moustakas?

BlitzAce points out this is the worst 84-game stretch in Royals history.

starwalker reviews a game he attended at Northwest Arkansas.

mattlamoreaux points out that the Burlington Royals are also off to a rough start.

The Mariners may be the clutchiest team in recent history.

Could Cole Hamels be returning to Philadelphia?

Shohei Ohtani is back, but only as a hitter.

Old nemesis Colby Rasmus has retired.

Colorado options their Opening Day starter down in the middle of a terrific and yet terrible season.

Are the Cincinnati Reds about to spring into contention in 2019?

Female sports reporters are calling out sexism at the World Cup.

A “choose your own adventure” game for Lebron’s free agency.

Coffee drinkers may live longer, according to a study.

The most shocking documentaries ever.

Why do we play video games?

Your song of the day is Johnny Cash with This Land is Your Land.