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Hammel blown to pieces in big loss to Red Sox

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Kansas City Royals Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

Fun fact: I sold our tickets for tonight’s game and made $75 on StubHub. Some poor soul out there paid $75 to watch Chris Sale v. Jason Hammel.

It all went exactly how we thought it’d go.

Jason Hammel gave up eight runs and got six outs.

Here was his night: homer (1-0), out, single, single, walk, single (3-0), out, single (4-0), out/end of inning, out, single, homer (6-0), double, homer (8-0), out, out.

He sucks. The reason he sucks is because his hair is terrible.

Hammel didn’t return for the third inning. With the Red Sox throwing Chris Sale, the game was probably over before the Royals even hit.

Normally, this is the part where I’d complain about Alcides Escobar and the Royals being terrible. But it really isn’t worth it anymore. These guys have lost 7 games in a row. They’re 25-62 and on pace for the worst season in the history of the franchise.

In 2015, the Royals lost 67 games in six months. They’re just five losses shy of doing that in 2018... and we’re not even at the All Star break yet.

Sale struck out 12 Royals in six innings of work. It looked like he was pitching against a high-school team. He earned the win. Hammel took his MLB-leading 11th loss. I wonder what he’ll blame this performance on after the game.

The Royals did score some runs when the game was already in hand. Mike Moustakas hit his 17th homer in the eighth inning. In all seriousness, take some time and appreciate each of Mike Moustakas’ hits over these next few days. You never know when we’re going to witness our last #MooseDong in a Royals uniform.

Tomorrow: Brad Keller and David Price go head-to-head for a 6:15 pm start.