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David Price isn’t bad enough, Royals Lose 15-4

The Royals preserve their chance at a third nine-game losing streak, tomorrow.

Lucas Duda follows through on a home run swing.
Lucas Duda had a solo home run.
Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

There are so many weird narratives about David Price. For example, I heard it said, tonight, that David Price had a disappointing season, last year, but had really rebounded last year with the subtext that he had pitched poorly. He did have a disappointing season, last year, but it was mostly because he was hurt. When he was healthy he was very effective. Without massive improvement, however, this would be the worst full-season of his career. And he’s still light years ahead of anyone the Royals are putting on the mound, lately.

Brad Keller finally ran into a bit of bad luck, tonight. Or at least less good luck than normal. He managed to only pitch 4.2 innings while allowing four runs on six hits and five walks. Jason Adam struck out the side in the sixth, at least. But Enny Romero did not have a good Royals debut. He allowed both of the runners he inherited from Adam plus one of of his own to score while walking a pair in an inning of work.

Brandon Maurer pitched the ninth. I assume you’re all familiar enough with his work that I needn’t expand on it, here. Suffice to say that backup catcher Drew Butera was asked to acquire the final Boston out. It was his first pitching appearance in nearly two years. Apparently poor control was contagious. tonight, however, Drew walked three runners on his way to sending three more runners home.

David Price did his best to keep the Royals in the game. After his team achieved the lead in the top of the fifth against the shaky Keller, Price hit three batters out of four in the bottom of the inning after a Whit Merrifield leadoff single to force the tying run home. After that Boston Manager Alex Cora went to his bullpen and achieved much better results than Ned Yost did.

But hey, at least radio listeners got to hear Steve Physioc attempt to describe Andrew Benintendi’s four-walk night in such a way that makes you think he’d nod knowingly if you played Insane Clown Posse’s Magnets for him.