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Game 107 Thread: Royals vs. White Sox

Another win? Maybe?

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox
Kansas City Royals right fielder Brett Phillips (14) reacts after the game against the Chicago White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

For a long time, the bottom of Major League Baseball’s overall standings was solely occupied by the putrid Baltimore Orioles and the similarly disgusting Kansas City Royals. But both teams have gone on a mini-run of sorts, and both of their winning percentages are north of .300. And considering that the Chicago White Sox and San Diego Padres have been in a major funk, the bottom of the standings could get more crowded.

This is especially the case if the Royals keep winning against Chicago. If Kansas City wins tonight’s contest, there will only be three games separating the Royals and the White Sox. And if the Boys in Blue sweep the Boys in Incorrectly-Colored Sox Considering the Team Name, there will only be two games’ worth of difference.

Not that it matters a lot. But it is what it is. Winning, after all, is fun.

Kansas City Royals lineup:

Chicago White Sox lineup:

Game two commence.