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Thursday Night Thread: Blue Jays at Royals

Just split a series. Anything but losing another one.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Kansas City Royals Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

You get me on a Thursday night! Hope you’re ready to start your pre-weekend off with some serious recap sass and sarcasm.

The Royals, who are getting close to setting the MLB all-time record with 59 home losses in a season, are starting to see how critical each of these remaining home games is. They need to go 7-21, I believe, or better to avoid setting that all-time record. Tonight, they have a big opportunity to take a step towards avoiding that dubious feat by salvaging a four-game split against Toronto.

It’s Danny Duffy’s rotation turn, but because of the DL stint, Glenn Sparkman is back up to start. First pitch is at 7:15 pm.

DISCUSSION TOPIC: I have caught two foul balls and 13 toss-ups over my 10 years going to games. That’s a high number, but I’ve gotten a ton of luck in that time period. Last night, my fiance stumbled into catching a ball as well.

Have you ever gotten a ball at a baseball game? Discuss.