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Royals Rumblings - News for August 20, 2018

Is Mondesi starting to figure things out?

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Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for August 20, 2018

Rustin Dodd looks at the tools of Adalberto Mondesi.

“He doesn’t understand how good he can be,” Royals manager Ned Yost says. “That’s what I think.

“He’s not that guy that thinks he knows it all by any stretch of the imagination. I think he probably thinks he’s going to be a really good player. But he’s got a chance to be better than that down the road.”

Ned Yost likes what he sees out of Ryan O’Hearn.

“I haven’t sat back one time and thought: ‘Man, that’s not a very good at-bat,’” Ned Yost said. “Not one time. I like his at-bats.

“Four homers are a plus. He’s a guy that we saw in spring training had pop. So, I think he’s doing just fine.”

But things escalated quickly against Heath Fillmyer on Sunday.

Maria Torres talks to new Royals pitcher Jake Newberry.

Q: Anything you want to work on here?

N: Change-ups to righties would be a big thing. I really haven’t thrown any this year to any of them. I’ve just been fastball-slider to them and I’ve thrown fastball-slider-change-up to lefties. I don’t wanna be just a two-pitch pitcher to righties because they can kind of cancel one out if one’s not working that day and that’s when it starts getting rough.

Even last year there, it was the same kind of thing. I was talking to the pitching coach up (in Class AAA) and I said, “You know, I wanna throw some change-ups to righties and see what happens.” It worked out a little bit well. And this year I was a little bit more on line with all my pitchers. Slider was the better pitch to keep going with. That’s kind of why we kind of just didn’t even use the change-up at all.

This nun threw some pitch before the Royals/White Sox game.

The surging A’s have overcome a double-digit lead in the AL West.

The Dodgers lose on a walk-off balk, a great way to lose a game.

How much does height affect a hitter’s strike zone?

Defining what it means to be “Most Valuable.”

MLB Network reported a Twitter joke about Trevor Bauer as actual news.

MLB starts a trainer partnership program in Latin America.

Remembering sportswriter Melissa Ludtke, who 40 years ago, had to sue MLB to allow her access to clubhouses.

Big leaguers remember their worst Little League moments.

The amazing end of the 2012 Premier League season gets the Rewinder treatment.

Which NBA teams will jump into the playoffs and which will fall out?

Google’s ambitions for China are drawing employee protests.

Don’t flush your contact lenses down the toilet!

Netflix may be adding commercials to their shows.

Your song of the day is Wild Child with Crazy Bird.