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Royals release 2019 schedule that includes game in Omaha

The Royals will get a tour of the NL East.

Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The 2018 season has been one to forget for the Royals, so you can begin thinking about next year’s squad and hopefully better days ahead. Today the Royals released their 2019 schedule, which begins at home against the White Sox for the second consecutive season, with Opening Day on Thursday, March 28. In interleague play, the Royals will take on the National League East, making trips to Washington (July 5-7), Atlanta (July 23-24), and Miami (September 6-8), and hosting the Mets (August 16-18) and Braves (September 24-25). Their annual Show-Me State matchup against the Cardinals will take place May 21-22 in St. Louis and August 13-14 in Kansas City.

The Royals will play the Detroit Tigers in Omaha on June 13, two days before the College World Series championship series. The game will be played at TD Ameritrade Park, the first regular season MLB game ever played in Omaha. The Royals will serve as the home team in that game, the finale of a three-game series that will begin in Kansas City. The Royals will then travel up to Minnesota for a series against the Twins.

The team begins the year with 12 of their first 15 games at home. Their first road series begins Thursday, April 4 in Detroit for the Tigers’ home opener. The longest road trip of the year is an 11-game trip from August 2 to August 11 that takes them from Minnesota to Boston to Detroit. There is a stretch in late May that has 12 of 15 games on the road, where the Royals will travel from Anaheim to St. Louis, home to take on the Yankees, then back on the road to Chicago and Texas before coming back home. The longest homestand is August 26 to September 5, a ten-game homestand against the A’s, Orioles, and Tigers.

The Royals are off the first two Fridays of the year, as well as Labor Day. They will end the season at home against the Twins.

The 2019 MLB schedule begins March 20 when the Athletics and Mariners play in Tokyo. All other teams will open up on March 28 with the Angels vs. Athletics, Astros vs. Rays, Red Sox vs. Mariners, Cubs vs. Rangers, Cardinals vs. Brewers, and Braves vs. Phillies. The Yankees and Red Sox will have two games on June 29- and 30 in London, England. The Cubs will paly the Pirates on August 18 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania to celebrate the Little League World Series. MLB is also planning a series involving the Angels to be played in Mexico, but that has yet to be announced. The All-Star Game will be held July 9 in Cleveland.

Here is the complete 2019 Kansas City Royals schedule. Game times and promotions will be announced later.

2019 Royals schedule

Date Opponent
Date Opponent
Thursday, March 28 vs.White Sox
Saturday, March 30 vs.White Sox
Sunday, March 31 vs.White Sox
Tuesday, April 2 vs.Twins
Wednesday, April 3 vs.Twins
Thursday, April 4 at Tigers
Saturday, April 6 at Tigers
Sunday, April 7 at Tigers
Monday, April 8 vs.Mariners
Tuesday, April 9 vs.Mariners
Wednesday, April 10 vs.Mariners
Thursday, April 11 vs.Mariners
Friday, April 12 vs.Indians
Saturday, April 13 vs.Indians
Sunday, April 14 vs.Indians
Monday, April 15 at White Sox
Tuesday, April 16 at White Sox
Wednesday, April 17 at White Sox
Thursday, April 18 at Yankees
Friday, April 19 at Yankees
Saturday, April 20 at Yankees
Sunday, April 21 at Yankees
Monday, April 22 at Rays
Tuesday, April 23 at Rays
Wednesday, April 24 at Rays
Friday, April 26 vs.Angels
Saturday, April 27 vs.Angels
Sunday, April 28 vs.Angels
Monday, April 29 vs.Rays
Tuesday, April 30 vs.Rays
Wednesday, May 1 vs.Rays
Thursday, May 2 vs.Rays
Friday, May 3 at Tigers
Saturday, May 4 at Tigers
Sunday, May 5 at Tigers
Monday, May 6 at Astros
Tuesday, May 7 at Astros
Wednesday, May 8 at Astros
Friday, May 10 vs.Phillies
Saturday, May 11 vs.Phillies
Sunday, May 12 vs.Phillies
Tuesday, May 14 vs.Rangers
Wednesday, May 15 vs.Rangers
Thursday, May 16 vs.Rangers
Friday, May 17 at Angels
Saturday, May 18 at Angels
Sunday, May 19 at Angels
Tuesday, May 21 at Cardinals
Wednesday, May 22 at Cardinals
Friday, May 24 vs.Yankees
Saturday, May 25 vs.Yankees
Sunday, May 26 vs.Yankees
Monday, May 27 at White Sox
Tuesday, May 28 at White Sox
Wednesday, May 29 at White Sox
Thursday, May 30 at Rangers
Friday, May 31 at Rangers
Saturday, June 1 at Rangers
Sunday, June 2 at Rangers
Tuesday, June 4 vs.Red Sox
Wednesday, June 5 vs.Red Sox
Thursday, June 6 vs.Red Sox
Friday, June 7 vs.White Sox
Saturday, June 8 vs.White Sox
Sunday, June 9 vs.White Sox
Tuesday, June 11 vs.Tigers
Wednesday, June 12 vs.Tigers
Thursday, June 13 vs.Tigers in Omaha
Friday, June 14 at Twins
Saturday, June 15 at Twins
Sunday, June 16 at Twins
Monday, June 17 at Mariners
Tuesday, June 18 at Mariners
Wednesday, June 19 at Mariners
Thursday, June 20 vs.Twins
Friday, June 21 vs.Twins
Saturday, June 22 vs.Twins
Sunday, June 23 vs.Twins
Monday, June 24 at Indians
Tuesday, June 25 at Indians
Wednesday, June 26 at Indians
Friday, June 28 at Blue Jays
Saturday, June 29 at Blue Jays
Sunday, June 30 at Blue Jays
Monday, July 1 at Blue Jays
Tuesday, July 2 vs.Indians
Wednesday, July 3 vs.Indians
Thursday, July 4 vs.Indians
Friday, July 5 at Nationals
Saturday, July 6 at Nationals
Sunday, July 7 at Nationals
Tuesday, July 9 All-Star Game
Friday, July 12 vs.Tigers
Saturday, July 13 vs.Tigers
Sunday, July 14 vs.Tigers
Monday, July 15 vs.White Sox
Tuesday, July 16 vs.White Sox
Wednesday, July 17 vs.White Sox
Thursday, July 18 vs.White Sox
Friday, July 19 at Indians
Saturday, July 20 at Indians
Sunday, July 21 at Indians
Tuesday, July 23 at Braves
Wednesday, July 24 at Braves
Thursday, July 25 vs.Indians
Friday, July 26 vs.Indians
Saturday, July 27 vs.Indians
Sunday, July 28 vs.Indians
Monday, July 29 vs.Blue Jays
Tuesday, July 30 vs.Blue Jays
Wednesday, July 31 vs.Blue Jays
Friday, August 2 at Twins
Saturday, August 3 at Twins
Sunday, August 4 at Twins
Monday, August 5 at Red Sox
Tuesday, August 6 at Red Sox
Wednesday, August 7 at Red Sox
Thursday, August 8 at Tigers
Friday, August 9 at Tigers
Saturday, August 10 at Tigers
Sunday, August 11 at Tigers
Tuesday, August 13 vs.Cardinals
Wednesday, August 14 vs.Cardinals
Friday, August 16 vs.Mets
Saturday, August 17 vs.Mets
Sunday, August 18 vs.Mets
Monday, August 19 at Orioles
Tuesday, August 20 at Orioles
Wednesday, August 21 at Orioles
Friday, August 23 at Indians
Saturday, August 24 at Indians
Sunday, August 25 at Indians
Monday, August 26 vs.Athletics
Tuesday, August 27 vs.Athletics
Wednesday, August 28 vs.Athletics
Thursday, August 29 vs.Athletics
Friday, August 30 vs.Orioles
Saturday, August 31 vs.Orioles
Sunday, September 1 vs.Orioles
Tuesday, September 3 vs.Tigers
Wednesday, September 4 vs.Tigers
Thursday, September 5 vs.Tigers
Friday, September 6 at Marlins
Saturday, September 7 at Marlins
Sunday, September 8 at Marlins
Tuesday, September 10 at White Sox
Wednesday, September 11 at White Sox
Thursday, September 12 at White Sox
Friday, September 13 vs.Astros
Saturday, September 14 vs.Astros
Sunday, September 15 vs.Astros
Monday, September 16 at Athletics
Tuesday, September 17 at Athletics
Wednesday, September 18 at Athletics
Thursday, September 19 at Twins
Friday, September 20 at Twins
Saturday, September 21 at Twins
Sunday, September 22 at Twins
Tuesday, September 24 vs.Braves
Wednesday, September 25 vs.Braves
Friday, September 27 vs.Twins
Saturday, September 28 vs.Twins
Sunday, September 29 vs.Twins