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Royals Rumblings - News for August 29, 2018

The Royals don’t always look that bad.

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Royals Rumblings - News for August 29, 2018

In his Mellinger Minutes, Sam still has trouble believing the Royals are this bad.

They’ve led 6-0 and lost 7-6. They’ve lost three times while allowing one run and, in the best description of this team I can think of, became the first team in baseball history to go 14 consecutive games without an error and win just four times.

They will almost certainly smash the franchise record of 106 losses, and with the right breaks could make a late push at the 119-loss Tigers from 2003.

But, I look at them, and I truly don’t think they’re that bad. Their players are too good to be this bad. I don’t get it.

The worst part might not even be here yet, too. The worst part is they’re losing this often and they don’t even have their prospects up yet. The worst part isn’t that their losing — it’s that they’re losing and they’re not young.

Jake Junis reflects on his first career complete game.

The Royals will get Jorge Soler and Brian Goodwin back soon.

Soler is unlikely to play in the outfield and will squeeze into the lineup as a designated hitter. But that will still push a couple of regular designated hitter options back into the outfield mix. Jorge Bonifacio was serving as the DH on Tuesday, batting cleanup. His preferred position is right field.

In addition to mainstay Alex Gordon, the Royals will soon have Bonifacio, Goodwin, Rosell Herrera and Brett Phillips as options in the outfield. In recent weeks, Yost has been shuffling the lineup regularly to divvy up plate appearances, a tactic he will prolong into September.

“It will always be a challenge, but we’ll figure it out,” Yost said. “Just move it around like we’ve been doing.”

Jeffrey Flanagan has an inbox and discusses potential September callups.

I’d be stunned if Frank Schwindel isn’t added to the 40-man roster and brought up. He wasn’t protected last fall and made it through the Rule 5 Draft, but he has been red-hot lately and there are some in the organization who’d like to see him get a taste of the big leagues next month. Yost raved about Schwindel in Spring Training (as he did about O’Hearn) so I think it’s likely. Of course, the Royals will have to clear some space on the 40-man roster to do this, and they need to anyway for Soler and left-hander Eric Skoglund.

As for Nicky Lopez, he is a starter all the way. Lopez doesn’t have to go on the 40-man roster until after next season, so there’s a chance you won’t see him this September.

Seuly Matias was named a South Atlantic League post-season All-Star.

Lee Judge has BBQ with Whit Merrifield and Drew Butera.

Lucas Duda is mentioned as one of nine waiver trade candidates.

The Cardinals gave interim manager Mike Shildt a three-year extension.

How Kyler Murray made his mark as a two-sport athlete.

Corey Kluber finally shaved his beard.

The A’s may begin “bullpenning.”

Suggestions on how to make Players’ Weekend better in the future.

Ranking the 17 types of double plays.

What are pitchers throwing with men on base?

It is the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers, and remember the baseball monster named Babe Ruthless?

Bob Costas is leaving NBC.

Mark Leibovich is writing the book that may terrify the NFL.

Twenty years ago, yellow Pikachus fell from the sky in Topeka.

An explanation for why there are electric scooters everywhere now.

HBO is getting out of the adult entertainment business.

Your song of the day is Stone Roses with Fool’s Gold.