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Royals rookies looking good in prison attire

Shenanigans can be cheeky and fun.

Rookie hazing is a bit of a ritual in baseball. Whether it having Twins rookies run a horse race around Kauffman Stadium, or sending rookies in full uniform to retrieve coffee at a nearby Starbucks, hazing, when done right, can be a funny way to foster camaraderie.

The Royals have prided themselves on building a clubhouse of fun and togetherness, and with so many players making their debut this year, they had a lot of rookies to have fun with. This year, they had the rookies dress as convicts. If that sounds familiar, that’s what they did in 2015 as well. But this year the uniform is a bit more, uh, revealing.

This team likes to run, so I guess the veterans wanted to show off those legs.

Brett Phillips and Ryan O’Hearn are going to be a fun pair to have in Kansas City for awhile.

Now, to be clear, this is not hazing with malice, the kind of sadistic hazing that makes tragic headlines in some fraternities or even football teams. And baseball has cleaned up the hazing to be free of forcing rookies to dress as women. These shenenigans are not cruel and tragic, as said in the movie Super Troopers, these shenanigans are cheeky and fun. And the Royals look like a fun bunch right now.