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2019 Royals Gamethreads

Royals vs. Braves Tuesday open thread

Ned begins his final week as a skipper.

Royals vs. Twins Sunday open thread

All of Kansas City will be tuned in for this one.

Gamethread CXVI - Royals at Twins

Jorge Soler still needs a home run to take the lead in the AL

Gamethread CLV - Royals at Twins

Eric Skoglund makes a spot start

Game CLIV: Royals at Twins

Kansas City will face Minnesota for seven of its final nine games

Game 152 Thread: Royals vs. Athletics

11 more games to go!

Game CXLVII: Royals at White Sox

Can Jorge Soler get to 50 homers?

Game 145 Thread: White Sox vs Royals

Three games left against losing opponents.

Gamethread CXLIII - Royals at Marlins

We all know how this works by now, right?

Game CXLI: Royals v. Tigers

Let’s do a sweep

Game 139 Thread: Royals vs Tigers

A battle of the whatever is opposite of the titans

Gamethread CXXXVII - Orioles at Royals

Baseball! Enjoy it while it’s still present!

Game CXXXV: Royals v. Athletics

Glenn Sparkman gets the ball for Kansas City

Royals vs. Athletics Tuesday open thread

Can the Royals hold the A's to under 15 tonight?

Gamethread CXX - Kansas City at Cleveland

All the color has been stripped from this player’s weekend game.

Game CXVI: Royals at Red Sox (Resumed)

Let’s go back in time

Royals vs. Orioles Tuesday evening open thread

Two of the tankiest tanking teams.

Gamethread CXXIII - Mets at Royals

This is awkward.

Game 121 Thread: Royals vs. Cardinals

BBQ vs. Toasted Ravioli, who will win?

Gamethread CXVIII - Royals at Tigers

One way baseball could cut down gametimes would be to just eliminate games like this.

Game CXIII: Royals at Tigers

Jorge Lopez makes the spot start

Royals vs. Red Sox Wednesday open thread

Rain, rain, stay away.

Game 115 Thread: Royals vs Red Sox

Another day, another game, likely another loss

Gamethread CXII - Royals at Twins

August baseball. Gotta love it.

Game 109 Thread: Blue Jays vs Royals

It’s the Battle of the Suck

Gamethread CVI - Cleveland at Kansas City

Youth reigns in Kansas City, once again.

Game CIV: Royals vs. Indians

The Royals have been doing a lot of winning lately

Royals vs. Braves Tuesday open thread


Gamethread C - Royals at Cleveland

Who the heck is Adam Plutko?

Royals vs. White Sox Thursday afternoon open thread

Well it's a hot one.