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2019 Royals Gamethreads

Royals vs. White Sox Wednesday night open thread

Happy Duff Day!

Game 96 Thread: White Sox vs Royals

Can the Royals get in place to win their second straight series?

Gamethread XCIII - Tigers at Royals

Maybe we’ll see Stellar Keller

Gamethread XC: Royals at Nationals

This game has the potential to be actually very interesting.

Game LXXXVIII - Royals v. Indians

We have Independence Day baseball

Royals vs. Indians Game 87 open thread

Duff Day for America.

Game 86 Thread: Indians vs Royals

Back to Kauffman Stadium

Royals vs. Blue Jays Sunday open thread

We the Midwest!

Gamethread LXXXIII - Royals at Blue Jays

Homer Bailey take the mound for the club from Kansas City.

Royals vs. Indians Wednesday open thread


Game 80 Thread: Royals vs. Indians

Game LXXVIII - Royals v. Twins

Homer Bailey to the rescue

Gamethread LXXVII - Twins at Royals

Duffy and the Royals are going to have a tough time in this one.

Game LXXV: Royals v. Twins

We have a Major League debut happening tonight

Game 73 Thread: Royals vs Mariners

Can the Royals win the road series???

Gamethread LXVIII - Royals at Twins

Without Salvy they’re going to get swept, aren’t they?

Game LXVIII: Royals v. Tigers

The Royals are in Omaha tonight

Royals vs. Tigers Game 66 open thread


Gamethread LXIV - White Sox at Royals

It will be a battle of the aces

Game LXII: Royals v. Red Sox

The Royals are looking to avoid the sweep and their 6th consecutive loss

Game 60 Thread: Red Sox vs. Royals

The Royals play the Red Sox for the first time this year

Gamethread LVII - Royals at Rangers

Homer Bailey is still pitching.

Game LVI: Royals at Rangers

Old Friend Alert on the mound for the Rangers

Game 54 Thread: Royals vs White Sox Part II

Another game already????

Yankees sweep Royals in Saturday doubleheader

Royals pitching fails the team, again.

Saturday Doubleheader Thread - Yankees at Royals

Double the Yankee hate

Gamethread XLV: Royals at Angels

It’s baseball; just really late at night.

Game XLIV: Royals v. Rangers

Homer Bailey takes the mound in the rubber match

Game Thread number whatever the roman numeral is for 42: Texas Rangers at Kansas City Royals

Game XXXIX Thread: Phillies at Royals

Interleague play returns to the K

Game 37 Thread: Royals vs Astros

The Astros are good. The Royals are not.

Gamethread XXXIII: Royals at Tigers

Friday night baseball! Boy oh Boyd!


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