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2019 Royals Spring Training

Spring Training Gamethread XXX - Royals at Brewers (split squad)

Dayton Moore would not approve of the headline

Who will grab the last bench spot?

Who wants to grab some pine?

Tuesday, March 19 ST Thread: Cubs v Royals

Maldonado makes his first appearance in Royal blue

Spring Training Gamethred XXIII and XXIV - Brewers at Royals and Royals at Padres

Is it almost time for real baseball?

Spring Training Game 22: Royals vs. Rockies

13 days till the real deal

Spring training battles: The bullpen

DPB is the new HDH!

Spring Training Game 21: Royals v. Rangers

The Royals face an old friend

Royals vs. Indians spring training open thread

The Royals take on half a team.

Who’s up and who’s down in spring training?

Who’s having fun in the sun?

Spring Training Game 18/19: Royals vs. Mariners/Rangers

Two games. Both televised

2019 Spring Gamethread XVI - Royals at Diamondbacks (split squad)

Can the Royals beat half a Diamondbacks squad?

Spring training battles: The fifth starting pitcher

Pitching is the currency of baseball.

Royals vs. Diamondbacks spring training game thread

Night game!

Spring Training Gamethread IX: Mariners at Royals

The Royals seek to go back above .500, today.

Spring Training Game 7: Padres v. Royals

MVP Bubba is not in the lineup

What have we learned after the first week of spring training?

For one, it is warmer in Arizona than in Kansas City.

Spring Training Game 3: Split Squad Fun

Let’s do a split

Spring training battles: Right field

The Royals seem likely to have their seventh different Opening Day rightfielder in seven years.

Spring Training Gamethread III - The Rockies of Colorado at the Royals of Kansas City

Spring Training Gamethread I - Rangers at Royals

The next step to the return of baseball is today

What are you looking for from the Royals in spring training?

Better weather than here, that’s for sure.

What to know about Royals spring training in 2019

It is a lot warmer than it is here!

Here is your Royals spring training roster

It is made up almost entirely by baseball players.

Hok Talk: Favorite spring training memories

Tell me your fondest memories of spring training

Here is your 2019 Royals spring training TV and radio schedule

The Cactus League Championship is as good as ours!

Looking forward to Spring Training: A beginner’s guide

Never been to Spring Training? Going in 2019? Here’s some things to keep in mind.


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