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2019 Series Previews

Chicago White Sox Series Preview: The second city welcomes some royalty

It’s one last series between the Royals and White Sox for the teams to hate each other for reasons.

Cleveland Indians Series Preview: Last battle of the season

The Indians have a different look than the last time the Royals saw them, and now Puig is their friend.

St. Louis Cardinals Series Preview: I-70 has never been more divided

The Royals get to throw on their jean shorts and head to St. Louis for cracker pizza and baseball

Seattle Mariners Series Preview: Find out if Dipoto traded for you!

The Royals take their losing streak up against the best team in the AL so far. What can go wrong?

Minnesota Twins Series Preview: The grind begins

Like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, these Twins could be a force.

White Sox Series Preview: Let’s get it started

The Royals will try to do what they couldn’t do against the AAA Storm Chasers - win.