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Royals Rumblings - News for January 10, 2019

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Any joker can post links. Who can say that they went to Mandy again tonight (last night for you, dear reader)?

One person here can. This guy.

This was number six. Second time in the theater. It was every bit as moving as every other time I’ve seen it.

Jeffrey Flanagan writes about Danny Duffy wanting to get right this season, but what does it matter if you haven’t seen Mandy and therefore don’t understand true love?

While the talent has always been there, Duffy’s velocity, which touched 97 mph a couple of years ago, has dropped into the 90-93 mph range. He was as alarmed by the fall-off as anyone. So this offseason, Duffy has vowed to do what is necessary to retrieve that electric fastball and correct his career path.

”It’s still in there,” Duffy told by phone. “I’ve still got it in me.”

Duffy has spent the last few months working to ensure he can regain his former velocity as well as avoid those frequent trips to the disabled list. He said he feels refreshed.

At RFR, Alex Duvall writes about something other than Mandy, this time postulating what Daniel Lynch’s 2019 should look like:

If you’re a regular visitor of our site, you’ve probably read one of my articles in which I find statistical historical comparisons for current Royals minor leaguers. Here’s the link to the one I did on Royals Rule 5 pick Sam McWilliams, which contains the links to all of the other historical comparison articles.

Well, I went back and tried to do one of these exercises for Daniel Lynch and…well…there’s really no examples of big league pitchers that’s ever done what he’s done in A-ball, at least not at his age. Daniel Lynch is an outlier in Minor League Baseball. Almost any time a 21-year old college draftee dominates a level like Lynch dominated the SALLY, they get promoted. Lynch was held back because the Legends were in the playoff race with the Royals core of young prospects.

Y’all have until the 28th of March to watch Mandy unencumbered by baseball:

Wanna read about a George Brett cycle? Go here.


At FanGraphs, Jeff Sullivan argues that someone should go out and trade for Will Smith.

Bust out your 3-D glasses for these Mandy images.

One can only assume the Cheddar Goblin lives at this big cheese mountain.

Flat earthers are taking a cruise apparently not understanding how ships’ navigation systems work.

Remember Universal’s Dark Universe that never went after The Mummy bombed? It’s director says it was every bit as disastrous as you’d think. They should have just kicked it all off with Mandy.

You know it. You love it. Your song of the day.