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Royals Rumblings - News for January 3, 2019

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Kansas City Royals Peter G. Aiken

Whit Merrifield thinks the Royals can steal a lot of bases:

“The more speed, the better,” Merrifield told by phone Wednesday. “It will help all of us offensively to have that much speed on the bases. All you have to do is distract the pitcher a little, and it will help the hitter. We’re going to have that all over the place next season.”

Merrifield envisions a Royals team that could easily steal 200-250 bases in 2019. And that could translate into many more RBIs for Merrifield, who in his first full season in ‘17 drove in 78 runs despite hitting mostly from the top of the order.

The team at Prospects 1500 have compiled their top 50 Royals prospects.

That’s like all of the Royals articles I saw anywhere. It’s a new year, but things be slow, kiddos. Even worse? There really aren’t any Mandy articles. Coupling that with the fact that I drank for 12 hours today means you just got your two links.

I’ll close with the following question: with whom would you rather go backpacking across Europe on a tight budget, Mark Wahlberg or Kevin Bacon? Why?

How’s about y’all post some links for people to read?