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Royals Rumblings - News for January 31, 2019

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Kansas City Royals Photo Day Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

First things first...

Praise be:

Pete Grathoff asks the tough question: who’s the fastest Royal?

Lee Judge tries to read between the lines on the Whit Merrifield contract. Full disclosure: the author of this post did not read the article. Follow the link at your own peril.

At Royals Farm Report, Alex Duvall writes about their fourth-ranked prospect in the Royals’ farm system, Khalil Lee:

If you’d have asked me in May who the Royals top prospect was, I think I (and everyone at the site) would’ve unequivocally answered Khalil Lee. Lee is a special talent. We’ve seen him hit 17 HR in a season, we’ve seen him steal 20 bases in a season, we’ve seen him play CF, RF, LF all well, we’ve seen him in AA and now the Arizona Fall League. In case you didn’t read it in the information above, Khalil Lee is still 20 years old.

Khalil Lee has accomplished a lot in his short minor league career. We played the “examine his prospect grades” game with Nicky Lopez yesterday, but I want to play the game again with Khalil Lee, because the kid is impressively well rounded (this according to MLB Pipeline).

Hit – 50

Power – 55

Field – 55

Arm – 60

Run – 55

Overall – 50

I’d like to start by saying that I have no idea how MLB Pipeline does their collective “Overall” grade. How you can look at those grades and come away with a 50 is strange, but what ever.

He also wrote up #5 prospect Nicky Lopez. And he Periscoped a prospect convo with Drake. I’ll just assume they talked about Drake’s days on Degrassi.

At BP, Doug Thorburn writes about why we should all be buying Aaron Nola stock.

Jeff Sullivan marvels at the Diamondbacks’ plan to create a center fielder out of Ketel Marte.

At the Athletic, where Grant Brisbee just landed [obligatory follow this link to subscribe while also giving me ten Amabucks), Eno Sarris writes about how recent trends have flipped baseball’s conventional wisdom on first base and shortstop.

Here’s this. Do with it what you may.

The Frederick News Post published Michael Hunley’s special Alternative Oscars, you know for films that actually deserved the accolades.

Most Nicolas Cage-y Line Reading By Nicolas Cage: Nicolas Cage in “Mandy.” Cage was in more than five films last year, with his performances ranging from surprisingly restrained (his voice work in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”) to typically cuckoo bananas (the over-the-top satire “Mom and Dad”). But his most Nicolas Cage-y performance came in the celebrated indie “Mandy,” where he says about 10 lines of dialogue throughout the entire film, the most memorable being “Cheddar Goblin.” No context is needed for that; just enjoy the Nicolas Cage-ness of it.

People be dying from the cold. Just stay in and watch Mandy, people.

You can now watch the Mandy trailer backed by “Mandy” which many of you wanted all along.

The Criterion Channel will launch April 8.

Here’s an interview with Ryan Hansen and Rawson Marshall Thurber, the titular star and creator (respectively) of Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television, the first season of which is now streaming free on YouTube as the second season is about to start airing on YouTube Red.

Looper runs down the most surprising Rotten Tomatoes scores of 2018. Guess what 91%er makes the cut?

The song of the day is “Evan Finds The Third Room” by Khruangbin: