Top 5 reasons the Royals have no shot until 2023

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

2020, 2021 and 2022 have all been mentioned as seasons the Royals would be ripe to start contending. I guess you could also add 2019, after The Athletic reported in mid-May that Dayton and Company we’re targeting the second wildcard. None of those years are happening and here’s why:

1. The rest of the AL- Loaded. Houston and New York will be dominant for the foreseeable future. Tampa is stacked with youngsters on all levels. Boston has a ton of talent and can pay to fill the gaps. The As somehow win. The Angels have money freeing up, probably land Cole and the GOAT. Really, probably only Detroit and Baltimore would trade rosters and farm systems with KC; that’s a lot of teams to hop. It’s not the watered down 2015 AL anymore.

2. The Central- Hello, 4th place. Minnesota is younger and 30 games better right now; that’s an issue. Cleveland almost won the division even though most of their starting staff took the year off. The White Sox have young studs and their best one will debut in 2020 (Luis Robert). We’re going to kick Detroit’s ass though.

3. 2017-2019 rebuild acquisitions: Um, Brad Keller? Unless you’re a fan of light hitting CF and 2B, this is not the rebuild for you. Herrera, Moose, the free agent flips that weren’t DFA’d netted nothing. This is not good.

4. The talent imbalance- Despite being unable to score because of a horrendous bottom of the lineup, KC has some good bats. Whit, Soler, Mondesi, Dozier, hopefully Salvy. But KC has no pitching. On the farm, we finally have arms.......and no bats. Small market teams need both at the same time. If a couple arms do hit at the ML level, it’ll be when Whit and Salvy are in decline. Who knows on Dozier and Soler.

5. Dayton- 4 years and countless major league decisions after the WS, only the Rule 5 pick up of Keller is a real win so far. That just can’t happen. You don’t have to be the Yankees stealing Voit, Urshela, Hicks, etc, but at least try that route instead of the washed up vets you’ll release later. Goodwin is always a better choice than Duda. Because there’s a chance. Spoiler alert- we are weeks from welcoming Jarrod Dyson back on a 2 year/12 million deal. It won’t work.

2024 is more realistic, but 2023 is the best case scenario. On the bright side, after a painful 2020, I think we will be much more entertaining with the young arms, Lee and Mondesi, but the immediate future is bleak.

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