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Friday Off Topic Thread, October 18 Edition

What do you miss about the internet?

Facebook : Illustration Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images

It’s early in the Royals offseason and there’s a lot of months to overanalyze what’s going on and what’s going to happen. With new ownership and a new manager, it’s probably going to be relatively interesting. But let’s not do that yet. Today, our off topic thread involves injuries, habits, and thinking about the old internet that was but is not anymore.

  1. Patrick Mahomes’ injury is the talk of the NFL and overshadowed an otherwise dominant victory against the Denver Broncos last night. All the time, athletes get called “soft” for not playing through injuries normal people would be incapacitated by. What’s the worst injury you’ve ever suffered?
  2. The internet has changed an awful lot in just a short period of time. Facebook, for example, has changed from primarily being the place for high schoolers to connect and flirt with one another to primarily a place where adults keep track of their friends. What’s one part of ye olde internet—a joke, a website, anything else—that you miss?
  3. We all have hobbies or interests we wish we could pursue but don’t have the time for. Is it better to have the time to do hobbies but have significant financial limitations on it or to have the money to spend on hobbies but have significant time limitations on it?
  4. As kids, we learn a lot, including traditions and habits that doesn’t happen to everyone. What is one habit you wished you picked up when you were younger that you didn’t?
  5. When you pick up your coffee, tea, or Dr. Pepper (I’m not the only one) tomorrow morning, a genie pops out at you. The genie gives you $500,000 to spend, but you have to spend it on either housing or transportation. Which do you pick, and how do you spend it?

BONUS: Is water wet?