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Royals Rumblings - News for October 24, 2019

Dale Sveum won’t be running the Royals.

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Royals Rumblings - News for October 24, 2019

Jeffrey Flanagan gives an update on the managerial search.

A source has stated that there are external candidates involved as well, and those candidates have been interviewed remotely.

It also is believed that bench coach Dale Sveum is no longer a candidate to be manager, and instead he has expressed a desire to be in a different role in the organization, a situation that is being worked out.

Wilson reportedly interviewed at Kauffman Stadium this week. Grifol and Matheny interviewed on-site previously, according to a source.

In his Mellinger Minutes, Sam Mellinger considers how the Royals view analytics.

Even if you discount revenue — the Red Sox, Cubs, Yankees and Dodgers are among the teams with more traditional scouts, and the Yankees, Dodgers and Astros are among those with more analysts — the Royals aren’t ignoring either side of the information push.

Now, of course the Royals don’t emphasize analytics as much as the Astros or Rays.

Personally, I wish they would, and I think they could do more than what they’re doing right now. Among other things, I’m curious if John Sherman makes that a higher priority.

But I also respect how the Royals operate. More than the average team, they emphasize clubhouse cohesion and (for lack of a better term) what I’ve come to think of as baseball character: good teammates, focused workers, men for whom baseball is a true passion and not just a discovered talent.

Sam also read Mike Matheny’s book to understand why Dayton Moore is so interested in him.

As much as perhaps any time in baseball history, a manager and general manager need to be aligned.

The last decade or two has seen a power shift where many decisions that used to solely belong to a manager are now shared or sometimes dictated completely by the front office — from roster management to lineups and in-game strategy.

There must be a shared vision between the two leaders, then, and parts of Matheny’s book read like they could have been authored by Moore:

A working-class childhood, an intellectual curiosity that borrows from others in sports and business, a strong faith, an occasionally corny sense of humor and especially a devotion to what’s been come to be known as servant leadership.

Alec Lewis looks at Kyle Isbels’ red-hot performance in the Arizona Fall League.

“It’s been everything we wanted,” said Royals assistant general manager J.J. Picollo. “From the start of the fall league until now, he’s been one of the most consistent performers. He’s doing things we always believed he could do and has made our decision as far as where he is in his development easier on where to start him next year.

“He’s put himself in a great spot to start at Double-A, having faced the pitching he’s faced out here this fall.”

Royals Reporter looks at who could fill out the bench next season.

Michael Huckins at Kings of Kauffman profiles prospect Yohanse Morel.

Baseball America catches up with former Royals closer Roberto Hernandez.

What players from this World Series will end up in Cooperstown?

MLB will investigate Astros Assistant GM Brandon Taubman for his comments on Roberto Osuna.

The Cubs hire David Ross to manage their team.

The Pirates fire club president Frank Coonelly.

The Sporting News names Brian Snitker and Kevin Cash as the NL and AL Manager of the Year, respectively, and names Hunter Pence AL Comeback Player of the Year with Jorge Soler finishing fourth.

A ranking of the World Series from this century.

What effect did pitch quality have on the home run spike?

How popular is baseball?

How the Knicks will be a different kind of trainwreck this year.

Patrick Mahomes has not been ruled out for Sunday’s game.

Drivers are killing pedestrians at the highest rate in 30 years.

Google says a quantum computer has solved a problem in minute that would take super computers 10,000 years to solve.

The stairs from The Joker have become a tourist attraction.

Your song of the day is Ben Folds Five with Jackson Cannery.