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Royals Rumblings - News for October 28, 2019

Will the Royals ever hire a manager?

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Detroit Tigers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for October 27, 2019

Dayton Moore talks to Lynn Worthy about the managerial hiring process.

“We have been given full autonomy to hire the next manager of the Kansas City Royals when we feel that we are ready and the process is complete,” Moore said. “That could be today, tomorrow or sometime prior to the winter meetings.”

Moore also made it clear that whenever the club announces a new manager, it will be with Sherman’s backing and stamp of approval whether or not he’s officially been confirmed by his soon-to-be fellow owners.

In his Friday notes, David Lesky talks about a potential Mike Matheny hire.

I believe that Pedro Grifol had a real shot to get this job, but he was facing an uphill battle that from what I understand now grew pretty extensively after Ned Yost told Dayton Moore of his plans. I have big problems with the Matheny hire because of his work in the clubhouse and specifically with younger players given the issues that ended up costing him his job in St. Louis. I think he might actually not be a horrible choice for a team in win-now mode. I think there are certainly plenty of managers better for that, but on a team not filled with inexperienced players, maybe it would work. On this team, though, he’ll be tasked with plenty of players with little to no experience, even if they aren’t the youngest by age. And he’ll be given the keys to the Ferraris that are the young pitching coming through the system. I just hope there’s not another situation like the one we saw with Bud Norris and Jordan Hicks to impede development.

Jeffrey Flanagan talks to third base coach Mike Jirschele about the decision to hold up Alex Gordon five years ago in Game 7 of the 2014 World Series.

Well, the throw comes into Crawford on one hop, but he fields it perfectly. Now I’m watching to see if he fumbles the exchange at all. But he didn’t. Gordo had just gotten to third base and Crawford had made the exchange cleanly and he was only about 25-to-30 feet past the infield. I knew then we had no chance, so I held Gordo up. With that much of an accurate arm, I never thought twice about sending him. He would have had no chance.

Daniel Lynch turned heads in the Arizona Fall League championship game.

The group of prospects that Kansas City sent to Arizona impressed over their six weeks in a multitude of ways. Ultimately, time spent in the Fall League is about growth and development ahead of arriving in the big leagues.

“I think I just learned a little bit more about who I am as a pitcher,” Lynch said of his time spent with Surprise. “There is a little bit less searching going on.”

Al Melchior at Fangraphs thinks Whit Merrifield can hold his fantasy value next year.

David Hill at Call to the Pen thinks the Royals should consider Buck Showalter for manager.

Michael Huckins at Kings of Kauffman looks at prospect Seuly Matias.

Aroldis Chapman and Josh Hader are named Relievers of the Year.

Astros owner Jim Crane apologizes to reporter Stephanie Apstein.

The World Series has helped show how amazing the 2011 draft was.

Baseball in Washington has a complicated legacy.

The Giants will interview Astros bench coach Joe Espada a second time for their managerial opening.

The Reds are turning their press box into luxury suites.

Former umpire Chuck Meriwether dies at age 63.

The Phoenix Suns are....good?

Christian Pulisic becomes the second American player to get a hat trick in Premier League play.

Migrating Russian eagles run up huge data roaming charges (h/t Minda)

Artists clash with Instagram’s nudity ban.

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss discuss Game of Thrones on a panel that will certainly frustrate some fans.

Your song of the day is New Order with Regret.