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FanPulse results show fan confidence in the future of the Royals rose after sale of team announced

Fans are excited about the future of this franchise.

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MLB: AUG 13 Cardinals at Royals Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across MLB. Each week, we send 30 polls to plugged in fans from each team. Royals fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

Despite a second consecutive 100-loss season, Royals fans ended the season with renewed confidence in the direction of the club. We wrap up the regular season FanPulse survey with results showing 80 percent of Royals fans are confident in the direction of the club at the conclusion of the season. Just 64 percent of fans were confident in the direction of the club at the beginning of the season, a number that went down after a poor start in April.

In fact, you can see how confidence in the future of the Royals moved up and down based on what transpired during the season. A poor start hurt confidence, but some July trades of Jake Diekman and Martín Maldonado spiked confidence. That dropped after July when Whit Merrifield was not traded, but again confidence spiked when it was announced the team would be sold to local businessman John Sherman.

A graph showing the survey results of the question “Are you Confident in the Direction of the Team?” between Opening Day and the end of the season. The average is about 60%.

Ned Yost also ended on a high note, with 70 percent of fans approving of him to end the year. Yost had hovered around a 50 percent approval rating much of the year, although he began the year with a 93 percent approval rating.

We also asked fans what they think of the one-game Wild Card playoff.

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